September 30, 2013

A Garden Wedding

Last weekend, we went to a garden wedding.
 It was beautiful.
There were fresh flowers from their garden.

And beautiful table decorations.

A white umbrella for the ladies.
And a painting of the scene took shape.
Of course there was a band, and lots of dancing.

And pretty things everywhere.

Congrats Poppy and Mary!


River said...

It all looks so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How lovely. XT

My weight loss journey said...

Really lovely!!

Unknown said...

Oooh I really love the fairy lights in the table area. So pretty.

Norlin said...

Looks like such an amazing wedding Michelle! Simple, personal and beautiful :)

Jacana said...

How beautiful and such attention to detail - bet it was a great wedding.

Mimsie said...

Oh darn! I missed this post but so glad I've found it now. What a wonderful wedding. Don't think I've ever seen one more beautifully planned. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I love a casual wedding