About Me

Hi I'm Michelle, but my friends call me Farmer's Wifey.

I am married to The Hubbster.

Here we are!

We have three amazing, challenging and awesome kids. I don't usually post photos of them, but they kind of remind me of these little ones...

 We live on a beautiful 75 acre farm and are building our dream home, which we lovingly refer to as The Money Pit.

So about me....

Here I am in my favourite white hat looking very arty and pensive.

And here's me as a statuesque blonde, which I'm totally not because I'm short and brunette.

Oh there's my friend Irene, who doubles as my plastic surgeon when she's not working on Grey's Anatomy.

And here's me racing my go kart.

You may also enjoy my 100th post.

I'm also a mother, wife, dreamer, planner, dancer, worrier, doer, lover, scrapbooker, walker, granddaughter, thinker, animal lover, daughter, astronomer, cryer, friend, sister, night owl, computer nerd, interior designer, auntie, miscarriage survivor, guitar player, traveller, sleeper, optimist.