April 21, 2014


Today was the last day of school holidays, so tomorrow it's back to school for the kids and back to work for me.  I decided to find a sunny spot on the deck, to hide from the kids and enjoy the beautiful Queensland weather.

Because I'm always so busy, I don't often sit and do nothing, well nothing being drink tea and read country magazines, but I took some time out today before the chaos of work, school and routines began.

There were two weeks of school holidays which we filled with movies, lunch dates, time with family and days at home just enjoying the freedom of not having to be anywhere.  The kids swam, played tennis, jumped off the verandah railing onto the trampoline many times and played multiplayer Minecraft on the Xbox like bosses!

And then there was Easter, and the Harbour Festival, which we love every year. Rides, sideshow alley, food, markets, fireworks and non stop entertainment, it's just fantastic.

We saw an ACDC tribute band on Friday night where yours truly hung out at the stage for two hours, coming away with no voice and ringing ears, but it was so worth it!

Did the Easter Bunny find you?

March 19, 2014

Two Years

The kid skipped down the hospital corridor and he was smiling.

"I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm going shopping!"

We passed a doctor who smiled.  He knew.

Signed ourselves out of hospital, walked past the Lego display and into a waiting taxi. 

Our first stop was for some new beads for Mr C's Bravery Beads Necklace, one for blood tests, one for a hospital visit and one for some good news. The necklace is growing, a visual reminder of his journey over the past two years.

We found some Lego and two XBox 360 games that he had wanted, so he was very happy. Not a care in the world.  How it should be for an 11 year old kid.

Two years after I first noticed something was not right, Mr C (aged 11) is officially in remission from Crohn's Disease. It has taken a lot of tests, procedures, blood drawers, MRI's, iron infusions, tears, a liquid diet, a low residue diet, a normal diet and medication every day to bring him back, and it's an amazing feeling.

He still has issues with aching joints and blurry vision, and his skin doesn't tolerate the sun, but everything else is clear and he has energy!

He is a strong little guy, so accepting of what has to happen and at times when I've been the one struggling, he just gets on with it and I'm reminded that we are in this together.

I've looked at his little body, and wondered what was going on inside him that shouldn't be.  I've wished that I didn't have to give him the drugs every night but I know that if I don't, he will get sick again.

That is a really difficult cross to bear but one which I own.

I know things may change and he still has puberty to navigate, but for now, we are blessed and fortunate and so grateful to be where we are.

Life is good.

March 14, 2014

One Hour


"Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something"

A timely quote for me as I've started guitar lessons and at the moment it's not pretty.  It's something I've always wanted to do, and I've had a couple of false starts but I'm now determined to learn to play something that my husband recognises!

I love music but I have no idea how to read music.  How it's all put together. I'm starting at the very basics, learning about music notation, tablature, and how to hold the guitar as if I know what I'm doing.

My music teacher is very patient, and doesn't flinch when I play a twangy note. I have such a deep appreciation for those who can play the guitar, because really, it's not easy.  I'm left handed so I get the strings mixed up and my hands are small so it's hard to get those chords right.......I really should stop making excuses and just go with it!

I'm doing ok.  I'm improving every lesson.

This one hour every week is all mine, I have no thoughts about my job, or housework or what activities the kids have that day.  I have one hour to focus on me, to concentrate and to learn, and I come away feeling inspired every single time.

And that's a great feeling.

February 26, 2014

It's Gone Before You Know It

I was putting Miss T (aged 8) to bed the other night, and as I tucked her in, I noticed a frown on her face.  Instead of the usual happy smile, she looked worried.

What's up love?  What's wrong?

Silence.  The frown deepened and the bottom lip quivered.

Tell Mummy.  What is it?

With that her face disolved into sad tears and jumbled words.

I'm really scared that when I have a baby, it's going to really hurt.......

What the?  Where did THAT come from.  Seriously you are only 8 years old child, why are you even thinking about this!

A few days before, the kids and I were having a chat about babies, about how wonderful it was being pregnant with each of them.  How they kicked me inside my belly, and how they moved around and generally had a big party in there.

I haven't even really spoke to her about "how exactly" each of them came out, only to say that they were born and they were beautiful.  That discussion is for another time when she's older, and I'll be honest, but kids talk at school, and discuss all matter of things so I'm not surprised this has been mentioned and has somehow stuck in her head.

I sat on the bed and hugged her and said "yes having a baby does hurt a little (cue the gentle approach for now), but it mustn't be so bad if I went back again and again and had THREE children", what do you think?

She thought about this and agreed.  Her sad face softened and she relaxed, content with this explanation......for now.  It's amazing how little minds work, how they take everything in and try to make sense of what they are simply too young to understand.

Childhood is so fleeting, really. One stage leads to the next and before you know it, they are teenagers, sulky one minute and hilarious the next. 

I look at photos of how my children have grown, and blossomed through these stages, and I hope they will look back on fond memories of their childhood full of love and laughter and contentment.

And they will smile.

February 17, 2014

Hello February

 Here we are, it's mid February, and January is just a distant memory.

I managed to get all three kids back to school with everything on their booklists, and each one had a hat, so I'm winning. As Miss D (aged 13) is now in high school, they are all catching the school bus, which will be a novelty for about two months.

I've been working alot, and on my day off, I enjoy cleaning, sweeping, feeding baby guinea fowl and guitar lessons! Can you sense a hint of sarcasm? I actually do enjoy spending the day at home, getting things in order and sorting piles of stuff (remember - Organise - my word for the year!)

As it is with only one day free in the week, the day goes fast with unfinished jobs, but I've given myself one hour each Tuesday for guitar lessons, and I'm loving it. I need to find another hour somewhere to fit in a gym workout too.

I've been baking as well!  The kids love coming home from school to fresh baked goodies. My daughter said to me last week "mum, you're baking AND ironing, who are you"?  Well on Tuesdays I'm a domestic goddess, baking, ironing, and sweeping, usually in my pyjamas.  I do get dressed to meet the school bus, just in case the driver wants a word.

I'm thinking of a new blog makeover, it could be a freshen up, or a whole new style.  A different colour (maybe a dreamy white) with a little green of course.  Any ideas?  Should I keep the girl?  Should I use cute farm photos at the top?  Decisions must be made!

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