July 17, 2018

The Heat Is On, or was.

It's a glorious 26 degrees here today and I've spent the most part of my day out on the verandah. Brushing down some webs from the eaves, and drinking tea, just enjoying our Central Queensland Winter.

The nights have been cool but the best thing about where we live is that the winter days are just so beautiful. If the wind stays away, the air is fresh and the sky clear.

I actually found a post from February that I didn't share, which I wrote in the middle of a heatwave, and sitting here today on the most perfect Tuesday, I can't believe it was so humid back then. I can definitely remember how it felt though.........

February 2018

We are currently sweltering through a heatwave here in Central Queensland.  It's all everyone talks about - the weather. I got in my car the other day after work and it was 42 degrees outside, I mean seriously, I know February is usually hot but the humidity is killing me!

I drove down to the bus stop this afternoon to meet the kids off the school bus, and I wore knickers and a singlet sans bra.  It's just too hot to even wear clothes. Then I worried that the bus driver would want to tell me something and I'd have to get out of the car and give everyone a fright.  Luckily that didn't happen and I kept my dignity intact.

Honestly, it's all everyone talks about!

I don't handle the heat very well, I usually end up with a headache in the afternoon, along with frazzled hair and a general unkempt appearance I don't care, it's too damn hot.

It really zaps my energy, this heat, but the humidity is ridiculous.  We are quite used to high temperatures at this time of year, maybe high 30s or early 40s, but when the humidity is 91% it makes me very cranky.

And sweaty.

I really must stop talking about the weather, I've turned into one of those people who can't talk about anything else!

Don't even talk about trying to put on any makeup, it just slides right down off my face. I shouldn't really complain, we do live in a beautiful part of the world, and the winters here are just glorious. We had a storm this afternoon which looked interesting on the weather site but it fizzled out and although we haven't had any rain as yet, I think it has cooled down....just a bit.

Anyway, it was Valentine's Day on Wednesday and The Hubbster surprised me with a bottle of wine and a dozen red roses. Oh my, they are divine.  Or were.  Here they are Wednesday.

And here they are today.  Yep, they've given up because they also hate this weather too.


The wine is cold though.  I'll drink that tonight, possibly while sitting in the pool because it's so hot to do anything else. And I can tell you that our house, our cool Queenslander, built for the Queensland summer, is definitely NOT COOL.  It's that hot. The kids can't sleep at night, it's about then they start acting ugly.

How's the weather where you are?  Not that I'm talking about it anymore, it's all everyone talks about.

Farmers Wifey xo

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