February 3, 2018

One Word

I've been thinking about the word I want to choose for the year ahead, a word to guide me in a positive way in 2018.

It's already February and I'm just getting onto this, so I definitely won't be choosing punctuality as I'm late already! But February is a month to breathe, the kids are back at school, the book lists and uniforms are sorted, and the craziness of Christmas really does seem like a distant memory.  Which actually makes me kind of sad.

So I had a look back at past One Word entries,which included Discover, Organise, and possibly even Inspire. Having turned the big 50 last year, I've been taking stock of my life and thinking carefully about what I want to achieve this year.

I have chosen EMBRACE.

Embrace life, be appreciative and grateful for what I have. To be there, in the moment for my family. To be happy and do things that I enjoy, instead of writing them on a To Do List, for when I actually have time.  MAKE time, because life is short, there will never be another today.

I've already started to make little changes, and I can see the difference already.  I've simplified my online time to do only the things that give me joy, I've removed my name from time wasting email lists, grouped together my favourite blogs, so I can easily access and read them because they make me happy, and I've simplified my facebook friends list.

Little changes, here and there, but all adding up to a more simplified, organised, happy life. There is so much more, but I won't write it down, I'll just do it.

Embrace.  I love the sound of it.

Farmers Wifey xo


city beach bush said...

Love it! Time is precious and I find myself totally wasting days off!

Farmers Wifey said...

I’m the same! I’ve been getting housework done in the mornings so I have the afternoons to indulge in things I actually enjoy lol xo

DUTA said...

Yes, simplifying life is a good idea. It'll help keeping on functioning and staying independent when age related health issues start arriving.

Denyse Whelan. said...

Hey Girl! You are blogging again! That word is the best! What a good one. Now that you are blogging again...I have a link up on Mondays! It’s for old or new posts on or off prompts! There are some people who might be new to you but it is a great space to connect in bloggy land! Denyse xxx

DUTA said...

Good choice , both the word 'embrace' and the little changes meant to simplify things in life!

Farmers Wifey said...

@Denyse I'm baaaaack! And of course I'd love to link up, looking forward to connecting again xo

Farmers Wifey said...

@Duta thank you, simplicity is wonderful!