December 31, 2017

And So It Goes

A friend posted today how she hadn't blogged in 6 months, and it was so interesting as this WAS BASICALLY ME.

My last post was back in June or a lifetime ago really, and it's not that I've lost the eagerness to write and share, it's just that life, kids, work, stress, lack of time/lack of discipline, and a messy creative space have been my roadblocks.

I really, really miss it, and I miss reading other blogs too. I've stayed connected on Facebook but it's not the same, it's just not.

It's the perfect time to rethink my goals, being the last day of the year today, and as I think of my blog as my fourth baby because of the heart that I've put into it in the past, I want to look after it, nurture it and not leave it gathering dust in a corner somewhere.

Where it's been apparently for the last six months!

So, what are my goals for my blog in 2018? I'm glad you asked! Well obviously to log in and actually blog, that's a good start! I'm wanting to write about the things I love which include and are not limited to, my house, my family, design and decorating, the farm, the guinea fowl, beautiful homes, my guitar playing (something else that I've neglected)......And so it goes.

To write from the heart, to express emotion, to write honestly and truthfully and beautifully, and to connect....this is what I want to do.

Please stick around, I promise it will be worth it.

Farmers Wifey xo


city beach bush said...

I'm soooo thrilled to be reading your blog again!!!
Happy New Year xx

Farmers Wifey said...

Happy New Year my friend, and thank you xo

Norlin said...

Happy New Year, and welcome back! I guess life does take over from what we love to do sometimes and in this case, it's blogging. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Farmers Wifey said...

Thank you xx life sure is busy but we really should make time for the good stuff xo