January 16, 2019

One Word

So here we are,  halfway through January with Christmas a distant memory.

It makes me sad somewhat that Christmas is over, and now it's full steam ahead into another year.

Last year for us was manic, I'd say the busiest year we have had.  With the kids school, sports, theatre, extra activities, Graduation and Prom for our eldest, milestone birthday parties, as well as our work, it didn't seem like we had a lot of spare time.

This year, however, is going to be different.  Our whole family dynamic is changing. Miss D (aged 18) is leaving the nest.  She has another two weeks at home, then she's off to University on the other side of the country.

It's an exciting time for us all, though bittersweet.

I find myself almost grieving for the past, for the sweet memories of when my three were little.  These memories seem so distant, and yes, it is a form of grief, to want what I had, what I experienced in those early years.

I almost long for the days when we had so much time.

I consider it a flaw to some extent, my habit of revisiting past memories, and dwelling on them.  They make me happy but at the same time, make me ache for a more simple life.

While I have been thinking about this, I've been deciding on my One Word for the year.  What word could I choose, to guide me forward in a positive way?

I've decided my One Word is


Life will be different for us this year, and I want to make the most out of every moment.

Make time for the things I love, and for the people in my life.

Make time to just be, time for me.

Make time to appreciate the beauty in where I live, to exercise and to keep healthy.

Make time to dream, to plan for the future.

Make time to revisit memories, but to keep them in a happy place.

Time is precious and I don't want to waste it.  

Do you have a Word for your year?

Farmers Wifey xo


Denyse Whelan. said...

That is such a thoughtful word Michelle. I see another blogger, Deb from Deb's world also chose time. I have had to do a lot of resisting visiting the past in recent years. It's been me as a sentimental person that is partly the reason but it's not healthy for me to ruminate and so it is better health-wise if I remain as best as I can in the present. Still takes a lot of work.

Best wishes for Miss D and her adventure in the next life stage.

Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/51. Next week's optional prompt is Best Gift Ever 21.1.19. Denyse

River said...

I don't have a single word for my year, although more time to read real books is definitely on the cards.