April 16, 2009

Clean your room and we can go.

Madonna doesn't do it. So I'm not either. I swore I never would, but I do it nearly every week. What is it you ask?

Taking the kids to Mcdonalds. When my first child was born, it was all the way healthy, no crappy stuff. The second child softened me a little and now by the third one, we as aforementioned, visit the golden arches nearly every week. Or every other week to be exact.

Which goes against my conscience, but I bloody do it every time. The benefits I have found are:-

The kids are in a confined space in the play area for at least 15 minutes, which allows me to eat my french fries one by one, whilst reading the paper - and I don't have to share.

It's a good excuse to eat a double beef and bacon burger.

I can people watch, which I love to do.

It's a fabulous bribing tool.

We can get lunch and a play over at the same time.

It's very social. Theres always someone there I know .

We ordered our lunch last week, and the kids happy meals came out in the usual little boxes onto the tray at the counter. I walked the tray over to our seats, deposited the food in front of the starving masses and tossed the rubbish away. What a waste! From the counter to the table, what does the box actually do? It seems very silly to me so next week I am going to ask for the burgers and nuggets and french fries to be put on the tray sans boxes.

And while I am at it they can keep their crappy plastic toys that I pay extra for in a "Happy Meal" as they usually find their resting place on the floor of our car. At least they have company there!


i am the diva said...

I'll probably become a McDonald's regular with my son, if only because i love the fries so darn much.

Good idea on the no-box thing.
I have been collecting McD's toys for years (the cheeseburger happy meal is just the right amount of tasty food without going crazy...for me...even though the large fries are tempting) and they all have a home in my toybox downstairs. It always amazes me how my nieces and nephews always head straight for the toy box when they come over and always end up playing with the McD's toys. i mean, seriously, they MUST have the same ones at home... unless they're all on the floor of their cars... ;D

diana onorio funk said...

thx for introducing me to your blog! i am a mcd's regular, too, sadly, and i'm chalking it up to the cravings of the fetus taking up residence inside of me. though it's disheartening when i hear my two-year-old ask, "go mcdonald's?"

welcome to the blogosphere!!