May 15, 2009

Ha Ha Silly Women

I was watching the news on tv the other day and there was a story about some protestors at Parliament House, or some other important building.

I don't even remember what they were protesting about because the whole thing was riotously funny. There were these women, dressed in their work shirts, skirts and heels sitting on the floor, surrounded by security guards, chanting some mantra about climate change or whatever the F they were going on about that day.

And this is the funny part. Every time a security guard went to remove them from the building, these chicks did the floppy toddler, which is not unlike all my children at aged 2 when they had a tantrum in Kmart. I would go to pick them up and they would go all floppy and impossible to move, and blow me down, these women were doing the EXACT same thing.

They would go all floppy like rag dolls, when the guards were trying to pick them up, and I don't know how security stay so calm in these situations. It was a cringe worthy and embarassing sight to behold, grown women acting like this. I mean if they were drunk I could totally understand, but in this case they were making idiots of themselves. Totally for our amusement!

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