May 6, 2009

Just a maid - who me?

This is the exchange between Miss D (aged 8) and me this morning:-

Miss D wakes up grumpy **(how odd)

Miss D: Where are my school clothes? (she hasn't exactly got her hands on her hips but they are close)

Frazzled Mum: Umm, in the bedroom, I think

Miss D:- NO they are not!

Frazzled Mum:- Yes they are, I put them there last night.

Miss D:- (who hasn't even looked for them yet) I can't find them anywhere!

Frazzled Mum:- (raising voice just a touch) Your school clothes are in the bedroom on the chest of drawers. Go and find them.

Miss D:- (doesn't quite hair toss as she turns but is close to it) Well I like you to put my school clothes on my bed like you always do.

Frazzled Mum:- (thinks to herself, hmmm I must post this in my blog)

** my big girl doesn't always wake up grumpy. Sometimes she wakes up like a ray of sunshine. She happily spotted kangaroos outside the bedroom window this morning, about an hour before she morphed into Paris Hilton or some other spoiled brat.

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