June 19, 2009

My 100th Post!

As is tradition, when one reaches the magical 100th post, it is appropriate to post 100 things about oneself, to the amusement of others. Enough of the posh chatter, here it is. Bouquets of flowers and high fives are expected and appreciated.

1 I love my hometown.

2 I stress really easily.

3 When I was a child, I had encephalitis and nearly died.

4 I spend way too much time at the computer.

5 My favourite colour is green.

6 I would love to be famous.

7 Not for being Paris Hilton, but for something important.

8 Like being a rockstar. Or a famous writer.

9 I always wanted to be a writer.

10 I should have written Twilight.

11 I'm really trying to get into this story.

12 My children make me cry, alot.

13 Because I love them so much.

14 I once caught part of the torn shirt that Doc Neeson from The Angels threw into the crowd.

15 I still have it.

16 Mexician food is my favourite.

17 I don't know why clowns freak me out.

18 Ditto with turkeys.

19 I love watching movies.

20 From Dusk til Dawn is my favourite.

21 I hate the morning school rush.

22 I love coke zero too much.

23 I really love malibu rum way too much.

24 I hate the princess set.

25 Especially if they have blonde hair.

26 And wear ridiculously big sunglasses.

27 I love Joop fragrance. The mans joop.

28 I've worn that since visiting America.

29 I love America.

30 I dream of going back someday.

31 I will go back.

32 It annoys me that I don't tan.

33 I raced go karts and actually won a race.

34 I'm still trying to master the guitar.

35 I used to play drums.

36 Badly.

37 I have one tattoo and would love another.

38 I feel sorry for homeless people.

39 I miss my Dad very much.

40 I hate getting older.

41 I love airplanes and airports.

42 I love reading about really tall buildings and bizarre architecture.

43 I am scared of spiders.

44 Being on the farm, I am getting used to them.

45 But I still don't like them.

46 My favourite smells are my children when they were babies.

47 And campfires.

48 And rain.

49 And Joop.

50 I am cheating on this a bit...

51 I hate my little grey hairs on my head. They suck.

52 My skin gets dry during winter.

53 I like my eyes.

54 I need to lose 5 kilos.

55 Before I buy any more jeans.

56 I'm crafty. But I wish I was better.

57 I love that my friends hug me when we catch up.

58 I love Barats and Beretta. They crack me up.

59 I once had a car accident that blacked out half the city. And most of the businesses too.

60 That day will haunt me.

61 I am left handed and have terrible writing.

62 I love my husband.

63 And my family, who live away. I miss them.

64 Astronomy fascinates me.

65 I would love to be an astronaut.

66 Or a travel agent.

67 I adore Christmas time.

68 I start shopping for the kids presents mid year.

69 So usually I have way too much, and have to return tonnes of stuff.

70 I swear way too much.

71 I would love another child.

72 Dark haired, messy haired men are hot.

73 I wish I was a really good cook.

74 Anything vintage I adore.

75 I love my own company. I love going to the movies alone.

76 I went to America by myself.

77 My husband used to call me Tangles, because I had wild curly hair. Yep. I had a perm.

78 The birth of my children was amazing. And I would love to go through it again.

79 Bad customer service irritates me.

80 I love music. Music can take me back to certain events in my life.

81 I really enjoy doing housework (shedwork) with my Ipod.

82 I love the sunset more than the sunrise.

83 I love shooting The Hubbsters Brno 22. Magnum.

84 I could never shoot an animal.

85 Sometimes I live in the past. And I want to go back.

86 I think Antonio Banderas has a great sense of humour, as well as being totally hot.

87 I can't hit the ball in squash. I ALWAYS miss. It's embarassing.

88 I have a mean backhand swing in tennis though.

89 I wish I could sing so I could ace it at karaoke.

90 I am a nightowl. I never go to bed early. I am always tired in the morning.

91 I am very passionate.

92 I did this list a month ago...

93 I believe in the afterlife.

94 I believe in God.

95 I hope God is a woman.

96 Elvis Presley is the most beautiful man that has ever lived.

97 Walking through his house was a very humbling experience.

98 I love my life.

99 I would die for my children.

100 Sometimes I still can't believe I am a mother. Even after 9 years, when one of them calls me "mum", I am still in awe. I am very blessed.


Doodles said...

Congrats on making it all the way to 100.

Anonymous said...


Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks ladies....

Lightening said...

You did it!!!! Awesome list! :) And the new header looks great too! :)

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! :-)The farm chick with Bling!!!! Congrats.....looking forward to more!!

Foursons said...

I had no idea we were supposed to do this on our 100th post. Oh well. Great 100 things. I too start shopping very early for Christmas presents. I'm usually done by October. My friends think I'm crazy.

ComeBackKid said...

What a great idea!!! I will definitely keep it in mind for when and if i make it to 100 posts!!