June 10, 2009

This is giving me a headache..

You may have noticed that my blog theme kinda sucks. For two days I have been playing around with different backgrounds, headers and graphics and I still haven't come up with anything awesome.

Do I go for a vibrant background and easy on the eye title? Or do I stick to a white background and a super unreal heading?

Until I find something that takes my fancy, we all will have to put up with this blank canvas, but keep calling back and I will surprise you with something super. I hope..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

definately either or - you don't want to send somebody into a stroke looking at your blog. I see you with a super fantastic header and basic background. just my opinion. I know there are some programs where you can make your own headers. I'll try to get the sites and emal you the links, ok? can't wait to see what you do!