June 24, 2009

Writers Workshop

Today, while sitting on the floor playing dollies and cups of tea with Miss T, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do prompt number 1 in this weeks Writers Workshop, courtesy of Mama Kat.

1.) Interview a child. To fully appreciate this interview you need to know a few things about Miss T. She is 4 years old, she has a great imagination, and an imaginary friend called Derek (thanks alot Barbie movies) she still has some trouble with certain pronunciations eg instead of saying frog, friend and funny, she says sog, send and sunny (and sucking hell instead of fucking hell). Don't get me started on that one.

She also says wuge and wappy instead of huge and happy. And wude and weally instead of rude and really. And I just love this about her. I will write as she speaks, so you may need to translate.

Me: hey you have a scratch on your hand

Miss T: yep, I did it on the concwete bwock

Me: how did that happen?

Miss T: Dewick pushed me

Me: why did he push you?

Miss T: cos he was being meanie to me

Miss T: but I went to the hostibul and the doctor fixed it for me

Me: well that's good. Did you cry?

Miss T: no, yes I cwied a bit, but you can't cwy because the doctor will put you in the dungeon

Me: why would he put you in the dungeon?

Miss T: if you cwy he will. We don't have a dungeon but

Me: where did you see a dungeon?

Miss T: umm, on Spy Kids, or maybe Sharkboy and Wavagirl

Miss T: Dewick went to the dungeon, but Dewick is there now

Me: where?

Miss T: (pointing across the room) there he is

Me: (actually looking for Derek) Oh, what's he doing?

Miss T: he's having a cuppa tea. But he's not doing baway (ballet)

Me: why isn't he doing ballet?

Miss T: cos boys don't do baway

Me: there was a boy at ballet yesterday

Miss T: (thinking) oh yeah, there was a boy there

Miss T: but he didn't have a dwess on

Me: no, but boys can do ballet as well as girls. What else do boys like?

Miss T: boys like football.

And on and on it went. I love my daughter to bits....


Becky said...

I actually understood every word. LOL she sounds like a great kid.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the button still would not go on my blog and then when I clicked on the box where the button was supposed to be, it said "The action you were trying to perform has failed." Sounds like there may be something wrong with the html? I don't know.

I like Wordpress because it just looks neater and crisp. I didn't want to pay to have someone update my blog and blogger didn't have a lot of options for layouts. The only thing I don't like about wordpress is that they don't offer the Followers widget yet. Other than that, I really like it.

Liz Mays said...

Your daughter is adorable! Tea party conversations can be so much fun!

Domestic Diva's Corner said...

oh how sweet she sounds adoreable i caint wait for my daughter to carry on a conversation with me i am so excited would love to have you follow my blog please visit again

Doodles said...

How cute. My daughters both spoke like that, my 5 yr old is in speech and my 3 year old still is learning some from her sister and the rest will wait till she gets in school.

My favorites were peepa for pizza and hobbible.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

If Derek ever gets out of the dungeon, can he come here? I'd love an imaginary friend!

Sandra said...

Oh... toooo cute for words...


MIITB said...

That is sooo fricken cute.
my kids say hobsitable and napi-an...sometimes i just make them say the word and they get mad but oh well. You have a new follower!

K said...

Oh if only children's books were written like this! I love it. Hearing the words and ideas spoken in your child's voice is precious. Thank you for sharing :)

S Club Mama said...

So cute! My son is almost 2 and he says "apple" instead of "Bible" which doesn't really sound like apple anyway. He says "mow" instead of "more" and "caws" instead of "cars." I love it, too.

Erin said...

She sound so precious! I can't wait for the days of imaginary friends, right now the oldest's best friend in the world is his "bankie"....and the youngest's best friend....Mommy!

Unknown said...

What a cutie! At least she didn't leave poor Derek locked in a dungeon for tea.

PorkStar said...

awwww that's adorable. And thanks for stopping by my blog! : )

Jessica said...

I love reading the interviews with children! They're so adorable! Thanks for sharing, I'm visiting from Mama Kat's!

Kitty said...

adorable!! I remember when life was a little simpler... so sweet!

Stu Pidasso said...

Too cute, and they do grow up waaaaay too fast!

KatBouska said...

Oh my gosh I love her words! Such a cutie!!

SK said...

That is so cute.
Especially speaking with a little lisp . . :)

Barbara said...

Love it ... so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! I thought about this prompt but I wasn't sure what answers I would get.

helloally said...

I still love suckin hell!!! ROFL thank god some days the general public has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea!!

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks to all for your comments and observations about my daughters cuteness. I am sure she gets it from her mother.......... bahahaha

Liz Mays said...

I've always wondered how they can be running late first thing in the morning too!

I mean I didn't want to get out of bed to go the appointment either but I did so the doctor should too!