June 15, 2009

Yeah Twilight, whatever..

What have I done? I shudder at the thought of letting these words pass my lips. Dare I say them? Will courage find me:-

I'm putting Twilight away. *gasp* omfg you say. UNFINISHED.

And in it's place I have ordered these.

Yep. Books 1 - 7 of The Southern Vampire Mysteries. And I am super excited about it. Look, I have really tried to get into the whole Twilight, throw myself off the damn bridge for Edward show, but even after watching the movie again, I just...... don't want to continue reading the first book. And I really think it's because I saw the movie first, and that ruined the book for me.

So I have decided to put Twilight back on my bookshelf (for now) and will get back to it... later. Maybe after the second movie comes out which will again ruin the books for me. *sigh*

But I can't wait to read these new books I have ordered. And I most certainly will not watch the tv series Trueblood, based on the books until I have finished reading them.

The Twilight purests will want to kick my arse and run me out of town, but I don't care. And if I read about another Twilight quiz or a "Are you in love with Edward" thingy on facebook, I will certainly vomit.

Ahhh, I feel such a sense of relief, but at the same time, think, what the hell is wrong with me? I love my vampire stories, so why oh why is Twilight giving me such a freakin headache?

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