July 13, 2009

First Ballet exam over

My mum is visiting from New South Wales, and she is only here for 4 days so we are fitting lots and lots of stuff into these 4 days. And I will be a mess again when she goes because she just got here. But 4 days is better than nothing so we are shopping, lunching and doing our favourite thing which is watching tv at night with our newspapers and our wine and beer. We always do this.

Miss D (aged 8) did her very first ballet exam today. I was so proud of her, and pretty damn proud of myself too, for perfecting the neatest hair bun, which is quite stressful because her hair is down to her butt and is as thick as a horses tail. And she has flyawaybits. Which we both hate. I love how she licks her fingers and smooths out her hair. Kinda like a cat.

So she looked good, with her blue leotard and tights and ballet shoes with ribbons, and her flowers in her hair and her perfect ballet bun. And she came out with a smile, to join my sigh of relief. This is her 2nd year of dancing, so we are relatively new. There are, however, some mums who have girls who have danced for years and years and years, and who like to make that point known.

Just this morning, one mother couldn't even be bothered talking to me, as I am a newish mum, and her daughter has been dancing since the ice age. Her attitude seemed to be that I was bothersome to her, kinda like, why talk to her, she's nothing important. I asked her a couple of questions, because I didn't know a few things, because I am obviously stupid, and she answered with a laugh and with distaste in her mouth. I am not one of the "in" mothers, and she let me know it. I may not know which sequins to sew, or which ballet tights are the best - yet - but I will learn.


helloally said...

O MMM GGGG thats exactly how my monsterinlaw treated me whenever i asked a "horsey": question fkn bitch!!! anyway ..yeah you will notice those who have been dancing "since the ice age" lol those will be the ones where mum is looking down her nose at you and you or your daughter cant possibly do anything right. i HATED that!! like you were from mars or somewhere...seriously for something so enjoyable for both mum and daughter it can be the most bitchiest of sports...sadly..
i bet she looked lovely and that bun fantastic of all!!! x *hugs* michelle good on you and miss D :)

Foursons said...

Geesh. Some people. I am proud of you for making a perfect bun. Maybe next time you should walk softly and carry a big stick to ram up her buns.

Liz Mays said...

There's snobbishness within ballet moms? That's just awful!

I'll bet your little one was absolutely precious! :)

Barbara said...

Urgh, I hate people like that and have never understood why they feel it necessary to be so rude and uppity *sigh*. She was probably jealous of the perfect bun you did LOL. I bet Miss D looked awesome and I'm glad she did well :)

Oh, and I hope you enjoy your time with your mum ... visits like that are so special :)

My weight loss journey said...

Enjoy your time with your Mom!! (or Mum as the case may be downunder).

For me, I wouldn't even both with the mother ass at your little girls Ballet class. What nerve. I don't like when people aren't humble!!

Anyway congrats too on your daughter finishing her exam.

Suzanne said...

I bet she was adorable in her little costume!
My daughter has danced for 11 years so I am one of the experienced moms. I wish you were at our school. I LOVE the new moms and always help out, because I was also treated like you by the experienced, "in" moms. Uggghh...Don't they realize middle school was a lonnnnnnng time ago???:-)