July 6, 2009

House plans are submitted

A cold but glorious Monday today, the second (and last) week of the school holidays. The kids are fighting, so it must be time to go back to school. We had two birthday parties and a 50th yesterday, so I have paid my dues so I am sitting on my butt at the computer for a while today.

The Hubbster submitted our house plans to council today. Our builder is quoting right now and I am also going to get two other comparison quotes. I am waiting on one builder to phone me back and I am not even going to worry about the other dude I rang because he was totally negative and annoying, even on the phone. I felt like saying "buddy you haven't even seen the place yet, how the hell can you comment on the hardwood being too hard to nail into", it's hardwood, it's supposed to be hard. Yeah whatever, he won't get a callback.

I am super excited that possibly in a months time, we may have some action out here. At present we are only using our builder to lock up and we will continue from there. But if he comes back with a good price, we will get him to do more. It all depends on the money. I wish I could win the lotto. Then I could have my house pretty much straight away and umm finished.

Gotta go clean up. Mum arrives next week to see us and the shed. Hope she doesn't expect a palace..


Foursons said...

Exciting process! To bad it has to be so stressful also.

Erin said...

I want to win the lotto too! But Dang the hubs says we have to PLAY to win....I KNEW there was a catch!

Barbara said...

I am so excited for you. We've only bought the land and have a rough drawn plan at the moment. I too wish I could win lotto *sigh* but I never actually play it so I have NO chance LOL. Good luck with the quotes :)