August 21, 2009

Book week = Headache

I received a note home from school yesterday and I groaned loudly. Yes, it's that time of year again - book week. Now I love books and reading and want my kids to enjoy the same, but there is one facet of book week that I would happily bury, and that is the fancy dress parade.

I think this is devised by teachers who sit up all night marking homework and who say "well if I can't watch Desperate Housewives, then you can't either" to the harassed parents who sew costumes at the eleventh hour before book week parade.

I mean, how many times can I dress my kid up as Peter Pan (well, we are at a new school so there's a thought...). And this year, the note says to dress your child in a character from a book (or a film). So I could dress my son as a transformer or my daughter as Miley Cyrus (she loved Hannah Montana).

Saying that, I am actually quite creative when it comes to making costumes, I mean when I have to. Last year Miss D went as Charlotte the spider from Charlottes Web. Now tell me how awesome she looks:-

Brilliant photography there too Farmers Wife. I really don't know what to do this year. The kids love it so I suppose I had better start thinking about it and stop being such a whiney bitch.


Foursons said...

That is a FANTASTIC spider costume!

Doodles said...

That is a great spider costume.

Barbara said...

Bahaha she looks fantastic! I think we only ever had one book parade and Tyler dressed as himself (but pretended to be some kid out of a book LMAO) saved me a lot of hassle I suppose but I would have loved it if he dressed up. You know you have to show us what you come up with this year now. Can't wait to see the pics :)