August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard

Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard. YOU of my lustful obsession. I am really admiring your work on Trueblood and you totally have me in love with the character of Eric. You are a rising star and this is why I love you so :-

10) I am usually attracted to dark haired men, (or light brown as in the sexy Hubbster) but you as a blonde haired green eyed hot blooded man has me totally floored.

9) You can act really really well, I totally believe in Trueblood you are a 1000 year old Viking vampire...

8) That thing you do with your eyebrow.....cutesexyhot.......

7) You make me feel like a teenager...all I need now is a poster of you on my wall.

6) When I buy the Trueblood calendar for 2010 I will keep it open at your page all year.

5) I love that you are Swedish (need I say more) and that you still have the slightest of accents when you speak.

4) That scene with you and Sookie in bed.... and you kissed her with your many times can I watch that on youtube without my pc freezing up?

3) So your favourite food is Mexician, well so is mine. What a coincidence!

2) You seem like a genuinely nice guy in your interviews.....fame hasn't gone to your head..

1) "I'm Scandinavian, God damn it! We love to be naked". Need I write more.....

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