August 12, 2009

The Shadows

Oh you will laugh at me and I don't care. No I don't. Because next February, I will be grooving along to..... wait..... wait...... wait for it.......

This is really really special to me because my late dad was a huge fan of The Shadows. I would say they were his favourite band. I remember when I was little, dad used to play records of The Shadows and I can remember Hank Marvin and his distinctive glasses, and the guitar sounds. Dad never got to see them play, and now I will. And that makes me sad.

Dad passed away 10 years ago this October, and at his funeral I arranged to have two songs by The Shadows played. He would have jacked up for sure if I had organ music playing, so I chose the songs Wonderful Land and Atlantis. We had one of these songs playing as the funeral started and one at the end when everyone was walking out. I will never, ever forget how I felt this day, and how the music affected me. I will always connect these songs to my dad.

I haven't listened to these two songs since my dads funeral, nearly 10 years ago. I just can't. They bring back too many painful memories. So what did I just do? I decided to get on youtube and listen to them both. Surely I won't get upset after 10 years?

I am now a sad blubbering mess and I feel a physical pain in my heart because:

1 I just watched the music videos to Wonderful Land and Atlantis.

2 They directly take me back to my dads funeral and how I realised that he was gone.

3 It is that time of the month so I am a hormonal witch anyway

4 I now realise that it would have been such a dream of my dads to see this band, and he never got the chance. But now I will.

5 I wish he was here so I could call him and tell him that I have tickets. Well if he WAS here, he would be coming with me. God I miss him.

I suppose I may be a bit emotional during these songs at the concert. I already know I will be. So to calm my nerves, I present for you, and for my dad, The Shadows - Wonderful Land.

I am super excited to be able to see them play live, and along with Cliff Richard, who I am not really a fan, but The Hubbsters mum is, who is coming along with me. We have good seats too. We will fit in some shopping and lunching and it will be fun.

The Shadows - part of my dads world and now part of mine.


Foursons said...

Wow. Have a great time in memory of your dad. Pretty awesome way to honor him.

Foursons said...

We played Frank Sinatra's I Did It My Way at my Dad's funeral.

Unknown said...

I had never heard to The Shadows, but I definitely have heard the song. Isn't it amazing how powerful music can be? I can totally picture a bunch of songs that will remind me of my father after he is gone and very likely enlist the same reaction in me.

Have fun at the concert!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

What a great way to remember your dad. Enjoy the concert!

Barbara said...

Oh Michelle, you made me tear up lol. It's great to have such wonderful memories. I hope you have a blast!