August 5, 2009

Show day... Great day

It was the show holiday today. The Hubbster was sleeping for night shift so instead of going to the show, and walking around in the dirt and dust for 4 hours, spending copious amounts of money on dirty rides, eating crappy greasy food, argueing with Miss D over why I won't give her $10.00 for a trampoline ride, controlling major tantrums that start after I refuse to buy showbags (my tantrum),...... we decided to go out to the Lake instead.

We go to the show every year. A couple of months ago we went to the Mt Larcom show which is a rural show and it was fantastic. Lots of animals to pat, cows to see, and old fashioned displays. And a handful of rides to keep the kids happy. A hamburger and icecream for lunch, and we were done. And the kids got showbags, the contents of which are no longer with us. So we don't need another show.

The Lake was wonderful. We took Nanny and Poppy out for a family day and had a picnic in the sunshine. The kids played in the park, I forgot my camera of course, we layed around on the grass and it was bliss. The kids got dirty and tired and we went home to a dvd to end the day.


Foursons said...

Show day?

Barbara said...

Sounds like it was a great day :) I wish my two still enjoyed picnics *sigh*.