August 13, 2009

Writers Workshop

It's time for Writers Workshop courtesy of Mama Kat who may I say has a rockin' blog. Go check it out! I have chosen prompt number 5.) Why is your kid in time out?

Ahhh what a perfect opportunity to dish some dirt on my offspring so I can embarrass them on their 21st birthdays! So my disclaimer for this post is that I love my children more than anything in the world, they are basically good children with a bit of crazy thrown in! And I wouldn't have it any other way!

I am writing about Miss D (aged 8) Mr C (aged 6) and Miss T (aged 4)

My kid(s) is(are) in time out because:-

1 Mr C and Miss T drank 4 bottles of coke zero at once and hid the bottles under their beds. Then they had the hide not to go to sleep until 11.30pm that night as they were crazy on caffeine.

2 Same two kids ate a full packet of Tim Tam chocolate biscuits at one sitting, whilst I was on the telephone.

3 Mr T stripped naked and covered himself head to toe in grease from the bullbar of the car. Even his "you know what I'm talking abouts" got the grease treatment!

4 Someone hits or slaps or screams or swears or pushes the other one so they get time out. To cool down. Do they stay there? Hell no.

5 Miss T who when really pissed off uses words like stupid and sucking hell (because she can't pronounce the "F" sound). I know, I know this is really bad...

When I think about it, I don't use time out alot. In fact, hardly ever. It has to be fairly substantial for one of the kids to have to be put there, so maybe we are not as crazy or dysfunctional as I sometimes think we are!


Jen said...

Aren't kids grand?! You are making feel not so bad about my mischief making kids. :)

Kim Lehnhoff said...

My son covered his naked self with these boys have dry skin or what?

Erin said...

"Sucking hell" HAHA that's hilarious! It doesn't get any better!

Foursons said...

Can't say I blame them on the whole Tim Tams eating. I'd be right there with 'em if your back was turned. :D Actually, I'd eat 'em while you're watching and make you beg to get one smidgen of a taste.

Superstar said...

My replacement *F* word is FUN!!!!

Oh like FUN you will...MISTER!!!!


ROFLMAO about the oil/grease thing! That is great stuff there.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have your hands full!

Stoppin' by from Mama Kat's =]

Unknown said...

I totally feel for you with the coke zero and the cafeine induced late night! And the grease on the you know what? OH MY GOSH!

Barbara said...

*hehe* how funny are they. My two hated time out so they never got there too often. We even had a book at one stage (I think we still have it actually) about a naughty dinosaur that goes to time out LOL.