September 22, 2009

Exterior and interior frames are up

I've been a slacker bloggy buddy this week, in fact it's been a week since my last post...I have so much to say and so little time in which to say it. You see, it's school holidays here, and I do love them but I have no time just to sit and blog. But the great things about holidays are no getting up really early, no lunches to forget to buy for, no unwashed school clothes or missing shoes. Just peace and calm. WRONG.

We still have to get up early because the builders arrive by 7am, and it's day one and the kids are fighting....just a little bit, but we are trying to do lots and lots of things with them so they a) don't get bored and b) don't annoy the crap out of the builders.

Today, the kids had two big swims in the pool, one at 7am and one at 4pm. We took them to the park and played basketball, and they watched a dvd in the afternoon. We are going into town tommorrow, to spend Mr C's football voucher at McDonalds and on Thursday, two friends are coming along to the movies, with a grand total of 10 kids altogether. What better way to have chaos than with a friend I always say!

I still haven't been to the dentist, I have an appointment on Wednesday that I think I will cancel....and rebook for the following week. I frickin hate the dentist and I just don't want to go. Stupid tooth.

We had a really busy weekend. Mr C had his football presentation on Saturday, and we stayed until 7pm. The kids had a ball on the rides and we had a bbq dinner. On Sunday, Miss D danced in her first eisteddfod, and I was super proud of her. Her cabaret dance group came second. So we didn't stop all weekend and the next two weeks will be the same.

The house has had so many changes from the last time I blogged. So in 6 days, the deck has been finished, we had a crane and a huge truck in our front yard, which was so exciting! and now the exterior and interior framework is up. The most amazing thing for us is to walk around the house and see each room in all its glory...just like our house plans. We can finally see how the house will look, where each room, cupboard and door will be, and all those months of labouring over each plan change, and each review has been so worth it.

Side of house along deck.
Here are our frames!

The very first wall up!

Second wall going up!

Front corner and verandah.
Back of house and deck.
Back corner and loungeroom.
My bedroom!!!
Looking from the back verandah through the back door towards the front door.
My bedroom window view!


Liz Mays said...

That is big time progress! Yay!

Foursons said...

Woo! Awesome progress on the house and I am still loving that deck. It's so gorgeous!

What the heck is eisteddfod? Is this some new language I've never heard of?

katepickle said...

wow.. I still can't get over the size of your deck!!!!

Unknown said...

i can't get over the size of the HOUSE!!! it's huge!!!

i am the diva said...

for some reason your posts were not showing up in my feed!! gah!! i have so much to catch up on!!

Barbara said...

It's so cool how everything just falls into place. I can't wait until I can see our frame up so I can imagine how excited you all must be. How did the eisteddfod go? It is huge in Victoria, especially with the secondary schools. Get on that phone woman & call the dentist, it's only going to get worse if you don't (I hear you though, I hate them too *hehe*). Loving the photos :)

Anonymous said...

holy crap, that is going up FAST! looks like it's going to be fabulous.