October 23, 2009

So tired so tired so tired so tired

I have been a MIA blooger this week. Does that say blogger or booger, I am too tired to even know. This week has been the week from hell before Miss D's dance concert on Saturday (tommorrow). So our week has been as follows:-

Mon and Tue - dance practice at studio til 7.30pm with two extra kids in tow
Wed - dance practice
Thur - full run through at Entertainment Centre, home at 10.30pm
Frid - full dress rehearsal with hair and makeup, home tonight at 8.15pm

Add to that a 35 minute drive home.

All this is After School stuff, so I can't even remember what we ate for dinner this week. I think it was McDonalds most nights and I am wondering why one kid is having nightmares and the other is sleepwalking and I'm not even sure about the other one.

I am so tired, Miss D is tired and teary, nothing is done at home, God know if the chooks were fed today or if I have clean knickers to wear tommorrow (it could be a case of wearing The Hubbsters undies...again....but that's another post).

So please excuse my lack of comments to your lovely blogs, but I will be back in touch, once tommorrow is over. But might I say that Miss D is doing beautiful ballet, I am so so proud of her.

BTW Miss T (aged 4) and I went shopping last week and she wanted to know if we could

"go up in the alligator again".....meaning the elevator. I thought this was totally awesome.


Organic Meatbag said...

Hahahaha! Do you and the hub swap underwear often?

mayberry said...

I seriously hate entertaining one kid while the other has a practice/class/whatever. HATE IT. So my sympathies, mama.

jeanie said...

I can't understand those who organise kids activities sometimes.

At least it isn't quite as bad as an American friend of mine where her son's little league scheduled games to start at 8.30pm on school nights!

Poor you with the McDonalds diet.

Foursons said...

I'm just now getting caught up on blogs. How did the performance go?

SK said...

I know it's difficult to find the time but a good loooong night's sleep will do wonders if you can somehow fit it in!