December 22, 2009

Hurry up Jan 1st

I am a God awful, slackarsed, lazy blogger, but you still love me, right? My life is chaos, I don't seem to have time to scratch my bum let alone blog and entertain you good people.

It's that time of the year. Everyone is tired, life is busy and I can't wait until the new year to make all of those new years resolutions that I will most probably break by February.

These may include the following:-

- get back to the freakin gym and lose those kilos that have found me over the last few months

- really get healthy, drink lots more water, less alcohol and coke zero

- keep my toenails painted in a cute shade of tropical pink at all times

- get another tattoo - 3 stars for my babies and 5 little stars for my babies I lost

- stop yelling, stay calm, be patient with the offspring, and blackmail them with threats of no swimming for a month unless they CLEAN UP THAT FRIGGIN ROOM

- sort out my ipod without swearing at Limewire

- take sewing lessons so I can hem/alter/make the girls dance costumes without feeling like a complete idiot

- start dressing like a yummy mummy instead of a slummy mummy..........yes, I can be a slob

- stay off Facebook

- wear my jewellery instead of storing it all away

- enjoy every day and don't take my life for granted

I don't know about you but this time of year makes me yearn for the new year, so I can start afresh and remedy all the things I buggered up the previous year. The 1st of January is a good starting point to get fit, eat right, think better and be nice to people. And enjoy the one and only life I have....


BushBelles said...

Hear, hear. I resonate with all your resolutions. Yes I agree am hanging out for next year.

Foursons said...

The toenail thing...very important. :)

helloally said...

agrees with the toenail thing!!!

love the 3stars then the "5 little stars" i absolutely love that ! =]