February 2, 2010

Flooded In

We are drowned rats. Literally. thanks to Cyclone Olga we are now getting her wind and rain, and what a show! It started raining on the weekend and hasn't stopped. We live on a hill so it is very windy....I would hate to actually be in a cyclone while living here, as we nearly were during Cyclone Hamish which is actually when I started my blog. You can read about it here.

Yesterday morning we managed to cross the creek crossing, it was starting to flood but it wasn't an issue at that present time. I worked all day and after we collected the kids from school, the creek was way way way up. Full flowing with water across the road. There was another parent waiting for the school bus, and he was parked on the other side. We parked our truck up high, walked a km in the rain, wind and mud and around the crossing and he gave us a lift home.

It was so good to get home, even though we live in a shed, at least we have a home not unlike some people in Haiti. We got home and literally looked like this:-

Here are the girls doing their best vulture impersonation.

We are staying home today and trying to keep dry. The creek is flowing but cars can get through. The Hubbster has gone to work and we are doing the washing and hanging it up around the shed... It's a really good look.


Foursons said...

Is a cyclone the same thing as a hurricane?

Jim F Loos said...

LOL "Here are the girls doing their best vulture impersonation." Their doing a good job almost got it down.
A Rancher's View

Anonymous said...

What a mess! We've had some pretty rough weather here too, causing many of our fields to flood.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

OH NO wet wet wet!

Anna Lefler said...

Yikes! Hold tight!

I do love those photos, though...


Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Oh no that sounds horrible! But I must say, I love love love your "girls"! So funny!

sanjeet said...

Their doing a good job almost got it down.

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