March 12, 2010

10 Happy Things

My good friend over at Mom of the Perpetually Grounded kindly passed on a meme that I am only now getting to, so I feel very guilty that it has taken me so long, so please forgive me! It's all about 10 things that make me happy....

1. Driving to school to collect the kids after I've been working all day, and feeling so excited to see them.

2. My first cuppa tea in the morning, steaming hot from my favourite cup given to me by a special friend.

3. Realising that Desperate Housewives is on in 10 minutes time....and the kids are all asleep - bonus!

4. Watching my son curl his lip up when he talks, kinda like Elvis did....

5. Fish and chip night, usually on Friday after football...The Hubbster and the kids and I sit at the table and everyone is talking at the same time..and the tv is off.

6. The way Miss T's eyes look as big as saucers when she is telling me something intense and important.

7. Driving around the farm with The Hubbster when the kids are at school, just talking and looking at the scenery and realising it is ours.

8. Brushing Miss D's long hair, and remembering how my hair was the same at her age. Loving that she is so much like me.

9. Playing my Ipod really really loud and dancing in the kitchen..on child free days of course.

10. Saturday night + kids in bed+ hubby in bed + yummy snack + lights off + scary dvd+ rain outside = Bliss.

This is a Pass Along meme so I am tagging the following cool people who I just know will get right on to this!

Green Eyed Momster
Modern Mom
My Little Miracles
Crystal Jigsaw
The Jason Show
Organic Meatbag
The Playground Observer


Anonymous said...

cool list :)
thanks for the tag.. I'll get it up sometime Sunday... probably late :) xx

Kellyansapansa said...

What a fantastic list - well done!

Anonymous said...

Very nice happy things.
Good for you.

Stephanie said...

Truly a fab list! I too adore being curled up in bed with the family in bed with a great flick, lights out and a whole lotta snacks! Thanks so much for tagging me:) I will do my best to play along when I get back from my vacay in Florida!

Anonymous said...

Miss T's eyes as big as saucers, this gave me a lovely image; together with sitting round the table eating your fish & chips, without the tv. And of course the Saturday night to yourself, now that is bliss.

Thanks for the tag.
CJ xx

Matty said...

I see the theme of kids here. Both with and without. I agree.

GEM said...

Wow! You have a great list! I will try this but it's going to be hard to find 10 things right now.

Thanks, hugs and love,
T/Green-Eyed Momster

Christine Macdonald said...

I'm so happy you have DANCING on here!


Thanks for the mention. I am working on mine now. xxoo

Lynn @ Walking With Scissors said...

That last one sounds heavenly if you substitute a rom com or good book for the scary movie. I'd be too scared to move and then I'd be stuck on the couch all night and be totally fatigued and cranky the next day. I'm weird like that.

Liz Mays said...

I love picturing Miss T with big excited eyes and I dance with the ipod too! All the time!

Foursons said...

Love #10 minus the scary movie. Chick flick all the way though.

Ms. G said...

Great List! 2&10 are some of my
favorites too. Please don't feel guilty I completely know how it is!:)