March 7, 2010

My little big girl

I wanted to write about my youngest little devil - Miss T (or destructo as we like to call her). She has recently turned 5 and is in that in between stage of not knowing if she is a big girl or a baby. And being the youngest in the family pushes her in the direction of being the latter.

I'm trying to ignore the whingy bad behaviour...the fall in a heap on the floor tantrums and the breaking of furniture (so far we have one broken bed as discussed here and one broken wardrobe door which she slammed shut in a moment of frustration, which I can't even remember happening.

She wakes up, bosses everyone around, then kicks some toys across the floor on the way to the kitchen. She's really tough. I've been known to step over her as she writhes on the ground in faux agony. She just gets up, walks to where I am and falls at my feet to continue the performance.

I think this year in Prep will see her grow, both mentally and emotionally. The funny thing is, she doesn't (usually) act like this for anyone else - only for me. I'm the Mother (sucker) who has to cope with obnoxious behaviour, and that's okay because it's my job.

I love her to bits. She is funny, cheeky, energetic, very smart and can outbuild anyone with lego. I think she will be an architect when she grows up. She can design a house for me in some exotic location to repay me for putting up with years of stress and visits to the hairdresser to tend to my increasing amount of grey hairs.

Miss T crying:- "I thought I would be stuck up there for ever!"


Unknown said...

Sometimes I think Miss T and Master R are peas in a pod!

Tracey said...

Oh I hear you(though it's my boys that do that! lol). No-one believes me when I say how much of a rat bag they've been, always the perfect little angel for everyone else!!

Doodles said...

So now you and I relate on two different notes..the house being in the middle of being finished and on the baby of the family and the extra mello drama that goes along with it. My baby of the family is only 3 but can scream for hrs. saying she doesn't want to go where we are going only to upon arrival immediately change tune and how cool or what not. RRR aggrivating. She also has everyone else as far as sibblings cater to her every whim even when we are telling the not to.. I can only imagine what ages four and five are going to be.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't get it from me."
Does you're mother agree with that?

Remember, kids are the price you pay for grandchildren.

I got that somewhere. I forget where.

helloally said...

LMAO @ hanging on the fence