May 27, 2010

Mom Sexy

It's time again for Mom Sexy, and to quote my friend The Mommylogist:-

I want to know about the little things that you do during your day to make yourself feel a little more sexy! And if you’ve been lacking in the sexy department lately, then tell me one thing that you are going to do to up the ante a bit..

There is something I do that makes me feel wonderful. Free. Easy. Sexy.

During my day, doing my chores of housework including tidying the bedrooms, making the beds, putting clothes away, I find myself standing in front of my mirror.....with my Ipod turned on high.

I dance. And dance and dance and sing so terribly but I don't care.

I have always danced. Competitive latin dancing was my thing and I still adore to samba or cha cha or salsa. The movements of your body when you are dancing this way is very sensual

The core movements are centred on your hips..swaying, moving...very very sexy. It actually keeps you very fit and toned because you don't realise you are exercising. But you are.

The flow of music is very relaxing yet at the same time energising. I always, always feel good dancing like this and I always feel happy and that is the most important thing. Confident, happy and sexy.


Ms. G said...

Well...I usually go with trying to remember to brush my teeth...maybe I can try brushing my hair :)You are lucky! I so can't dance, I just jump around for fun.

The Mommyologist said...

Awesome!!! Isn't dancing the best? It always makes me feel so much sexier...even if I don't have the best moves! I may just have to take lessons someday. That would be so much fun!

Thanks for linking up for Mom Sexy!

Dina said...

hi found you from the mommyologist, i dance too! just performed on sunday!

Cheeseboy said...

Keep on dancing Farmer Wifey!

GEM said...

If our bedroom door is closed, I blow dry and curl my hair in just my bra and underwear. My body has been through a lot since I had 4 babies but it's about the only time I can see my tattoos. They make me feel sexy. I used to dance too. Maybe I should start dancing again...
Green-Eyed Momster

Kakka said...

But do you do it naked? Or minus underwear? Nah just kidding - way to go, latin is indeed a sexy way to dance.