September 17, 2010


I'm so friggin tired I could sleep standing up. Days of dance rehearsal, days of ferrying the kids around late into the evening have taken their toll and it's only practice week!

It will be worth it, of course, on the day. On the "days" actually because we have performances Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I swear next week, we will sleep in til late, go to the park, eat popcorn at the movies and enjoy the school holidays.

After the Eisteddfod!

I don't know what's going on, but we have mosquitoes the size of small cows here at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually carried my 5 year old away, in their little mosquito arms....back to their mosquito headquarters....

I swatted one in the car today and blood squirted literally squirted out....and it hadn't even landed on me so who's fucking blood is all over my car door??

As we are living in a shed while The Money Pit is being built (by us/The Hubbster and Farmers Wifey/magnificent owner builders..), we have to walk through the shed to get into each self contained room ie kitchen, loungeroom, bedroom etc....'

Can you imagine what it's like.....

Farmers Wifey "right kids, I"ll count to three then I'll quickly open the door and you all run in really fast so the mosquitoes as big as small cows don't come in too"...

Three kids "mum, you're an idiot".

Farmers Wifey " I'm a tired idiot".


John Going Gently said...

welcome from wales
good blog

Mrs Woog said...

Oh I am the mum of a son (4) who is in the Sydney Youth Ballet - he is rehearsing Peter Pan as I type. It is EXHAUSTING. xo

katepickle said...

days of eisteddfod??? ok that does it... my girls won't be allowed to join in that class next year!!! I couldn't cope!
Couldn't cope with the cow sizes mozzies either!

jeanie said...

We have a few monster mozzies here at the moment - the grass needs mowing, and it is a race between the mower and the swarms!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can imagine you are a tired wifey!

CJ xx