October 24, 2010

My Roadtrip: An Aussie in America:

Today I start a month long series entitled My Roadtrip: An Aussie in America. As today is the 14th anniversary of the beginning of my trip, instead of the usual nostalgia I feel and the longing to go back, I thought I would blog....my trip.....I know I know, it's a tad self indulgent but my friends know I'm obsessed so you can share (suffer) with them.....joke.

What I plan to do is beginning today, I shall recreate my trip somewhat, using photos, location information and actual real life diary entries (yes I know you're impressed). It will be that good.

My Americian readers may recognise some landmarks, scenery and experiences and I hope if some of you haven't been to America, you will share with me the excitement, wonder and fascination that I felt...

Please note:- I will not change the diary entries...they will be authentic, and slightly embarrassing at times, because I was very excited to be in America and we did alot of *ahem* partying.......you get the picture. Enjoy!

14 years ago today I went to America. I had dreamed and planned and saved for years, booking the trip 12 months in advance. I had recently began writing to an Americian mother who invited me to stay with her and her family. She wrote to me "we will get to know each other over the next 12 months"...so I incorporated a visit with her in my planning......

She lived in Hannibal, Missouri the boyhood town of author Mark Twain. So the deal was, a three and a bit week contiki tour from Los Angeles across the middle of America, down to New Orleans..where the tour would continue on to New York. I, however would fly to Atlanta then onto St Louis where my friend I had never met would collect me!

Was I excited? Was I scared out of my mind....? Oh yes. I remember not wanting to walk through the boarding gates at the airport to board the plane. "I'll just turn around and forget I ever had this stupid idea"...to travel to America alone. What the hell was I thinking?

But I walked and I went and I never looked back again.

Some background info: when my trip was finished, The Hubbster (fiance at the time) were moving to another state where we didn't know anyone. Here is the importance of meeting Kerri...as you will see.

Diary Entry
Thursday 24th October 1996 1.45pm
Siting in the plane waiting to take off. I was feeling very anxious, but I have just met a girl who is doing my tour (also by herself) and we can help each other get through LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

And she lives in the town I'm moving to! This must be fate. Her name is Kerrie and she is as relieved to find me as I am to find her. I feel more relaxed now. Here we GO!

Got through LAX easily. We met up with 4 aussie guys from Sydney on their first overseas trip as well. Ordered a shuttle and got to the motel at midday. Jumped on a tour shuttle and had a look at Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the mansions to the Stars.

I don't really look like a tourist..do I?

The only crazy thing we saw was an FBI shootout in a carpark. Seriously. No joke. They had the vests on and all. Welcome to America.

Had dinner and some drinks in the restaurant and bar with some other aussies. Feeling very relaxed and happy.


sevencherubs said...

what a great idea! I look forward to see what adventures you get up to. How exciting and how brave you were traveling by yourself - the things we do when we are young and free :)

Veronica Foale said...

I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

What a great picture. You look very carefree and happy! :)

And I can't get over how big Stallone's handprints are compared to your hands!

AiringMyLaundry said...

An FBI shootout?!

Yup, welcome to America indeed.

paige said...

What a good idea!

yeah. I've been to the us a few times. ;)

Liz said...

You crazy person! Can't believe you went by yourself!

Brenda said...

Keep 'em coming, baby.=)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! It's nice that the FBI rolled out the red carpet for you, complete with a real shoot out!
Welcome to America, now serving 6,899,213,015! :)

Foursons said...

So I'm just getting caught up. I find it interesting that as soon as you arrived you found fellow aussies to hang out with. Oh and the FBI shootout- bwhahahaha.

Being Me said...

So funny you say that about the shoot-out (well... you know what I mean), we saw one too and it was bizarre not having a tv screen between us and it!

We were there too in August that same year! It was a trip to remember.

Wanderlust said...

Okay, now that I've read your post I realize you did this trip 14 year ago!

That's funny because when I was in my early 20's I ran off to Australia on my own and spent six months there traveling all over the country. I bet you had a blast.

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