November 12, 2010

My Roadtrip: An Aussie in America Day 20

Tuesday 12th November 1996

Hannibal Missouri

We spent the day shopping in Hannibal and I met another Australian named Kerrie who worked as a waitress in the town. It was strange to hear another aussie accent again, after listening to so many Americian accents!

I had my photo taken at Lovers Leap, in front of the Mississippi River, which was so amazing. It was very very cold in Hannibal, but the town was beautiful.

At night I met some of Mitzies friends, and again, I felt like a celebrity! I talked about Australia and they were very interested in my country.

I felt sad that I was leaving America the next trip of a lifetime was almost over......

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Pardonne Moi said...

Dang! You should have migrated north into Iowa to see me. Guess I'll have to come to Australia.