December 7, 2010

Last week controlled chaos

It is nearly 11pm and I am just (relaxing) with a cup of tea before I turn in for the night.

We had our first of 4 late nights of dance rehearsal - we were at the studio today as we will be tommorrow. Thursday and Friday we will be at the Entertainment Centre..and it's a full hair and makeup dress rehearsal Friday night.

It's so exciting...Miss D and Miss T were awesome - but very very tired. We got home at 9.30 pm and I put the kids to bed along with Mr C who had a "boys" dinner with The Hubbster.

I got the kids sorted so they have a good nights rest, then I tackled the chores. I:-

- washed up and tidied the kitchen

- emptied and washed out lunchboxes

- unpacked school bags and sorted through tonnes of "stuff" from school = as it's the last week and they are bringing so much home

- wrapped a secret santa present for school tommorrow

- emptied bins and took rubbish out

- unpacked, sorted and repacked dance bag all ready for tommorrow

It's the last week of school, so we also have the swimming carnival tommorrow, the school concert on Thursday and I have to also go to work. Plus every night dancing. I already wrote that....I'm tired. I'm off to the land of nod.


sevencherubs said...

you are awesome! I am up late too but still have not wrapped the secret santa - actually have not worked out what we are doing for the secret santa - you are so organised! Love it :)

Toni said...

It's a mad time of year, isn't it? So much to do, so much to track in your head....
I'll be so glad when at least school is over, that'll be 1745 things I won't have to remember.

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Yeah, I would be tired, too! :-)
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