February 19, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts Week 7

Another week gone. These Saturdays seem to come around very quickly.

I just wanted to firstly say that I am so grateful to you guys who have participated each week in our challenge.

Naomi and I appreciate the support and motivation that you have given us. Without you, this challenge wouldn't happen.

Naomi and I have decided to keep the challenge going after the Aussie Mummy Bloggers Conference. The initial plan was to lose 5% of our body weight before the conference.

I will continue to host the blog hop each Saturday and I would love you guys to keep posting, keep participating and keep the motivation high. It's not only about weight loss, it's about doing something for ourselves, motivating others and being aware.

We don't know what the challenge will morph into, but at least we can post each week and support and connect with each other.

If you guys have any ideas please let us know. After all, it is your challenge!

Here is my weight loss for the week. I just know I can fast track it by eating better and actually getting out and exercising. It's the same old story for me - too tired, not enough hours in the day, so busy with the kids.

One day I'll stop making excuses and just do it.

Start 70.5 kg
Week 1 69.7 kg
Week 2 69.9 kg
Week 3 69.3 kg
Week 4 69.9 kg
Week 5 70.3 kg
Week 6 70.1 kg
Week 7 68.7 kg

I'm surprised and happy with my result this week. A loss of 1.4 kg.

If I can keep up this pace (and I'm being completely sarcastic here), I should get to my 5% loss I need before the conference.

My goal is 66.9 kg.


Jane said...

Having a little party on the couch here in your honour! How good are your results!!! Am delighted for you and here's to continued success, the continuation of the "The Battle"- and a few early nights!!!
Jane x

Chris Slattery said...

That's fantastic! So inspiring -- I am still in it, had a great week and will post later...best part is that I have a FB group of a dozen friends encouraging each other as well. You're making a great impact around the globe!

Cate said...

Wonderful!!!! You are doing so well. Slow and steady weight loss, with realistic goals - love it :-) Are you feeling great?
Can't wait to meet the 'new' you at the conference!

Photography said...

Woo Woo!!! YAY. I was only just thinking today about keeping going after the conference date! Bit sad I won't be meeting any of you at it but love visiting each week here :-)

Tracy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I hear on the not enough hours in teh day thing. It's so hard, which is why most of my exercise has to be incidental. I'm so happy you are going to be continuing "the battle" linky, I've found it so supportive and helpful.

Good luck for this week!

Unknown said...

wow 1.4 what an Amazing loss, you go girl! :)

I'm so glad this blog hop will continue to run it has been so inspiring.
Thank you!

Looking forward to next weeks post.

sevencherubs said...

TOTALLY AWESOME RESULT!!! Well done to you...you have had an excellent result and I am very proud and impressed. You might just make your goal if you keep it up.

Can't wait to see you and how sensational you are looking. Stay focused and keep it up for this week!

Go Michelle - you rock!
Naomi x

Chris Slattery said...

Way to go! I am still in it, a little late to the blogging but here's a link!