March 30, 2011

Writer's Workshop

Today I'm participating in Mama Kat's pretty much world famous Writer's Workshop.

I've chosen prompt number 1.. Compile and share a list of your favourite tweets..

I've chosen my own. As one does....

Can't get 20 votes to get to 25...I'm freakin' 26...(In reference to a Top 25 Funny Moms comp where I was beaten by that much this week)

Grovelling for votes (see stupid above)

Skyline film = poor mans Cloverfield.

Made the ultimate mummy sacrifice and took my daughter to the school disco instead of watching Greys Anatomy..oh the humanity...

Just vacumned the shed.

Over to Moira (in reference to an annoying tv host)

Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....(don't look at me, I have no idea what this means?)

Had 4 baby guinea fowl escape from Alcatraz this morning, dug out of the cage. I'm calling one Clint Eastwood.

Post about cows. Only on Farmers Wifey.

Just looking at a picture of Brian McFadden pisses me off.

Gaga is a poor man's Madonna.

No bread here. I knew I should have asked for a breadmaker for Christmas.

I got a speeding ticket while 9 months pregnant and getting pizza.

Everytime I mention Justin Bieber my 5 year old blushes.

Santa underestimated the amount of wrapping paper needed and is compensating with computer paper.

We had a little spider and a frog in the shower, and my five yr old says wow we have wild animals in there.

Just bleached the kitchen.

I want my house finished so I can move out of the GODDAMN shed!

Goodness shoulder pads are in everyones closets. I'll send some of my mega 80's ones..

Just had a quite word to the post office lady, STOP BENDING MY FUCKING MAIL AND STUFFING IT IN THE POSTBOX. Now I have a bent calendar.

AHHHHHHHHH blardy husbands.

Holy crap.

Say effing what?

Gotta finish the housework so I can watch Dr Phil.

Impressed that son was dressed and ready for school at 6.30 am until I realised he's slept in his clothes.

Does wine help a sore throat?

I emptied the bins at work yesterday therefore I am the office bitch.

Over two years living in our shed while we build the house. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Just told my daughter not to cry over spilt milk. I'll just cry over my freshly washed tablecloth.

I hate this working two days in a row crap. I like being lazy at home.

Wish I had Nanny McPhees stick.

Came to work today for a rest.

Cried at a kids movie, daughter just rolled her eyes at me.

Why do I stay up late and drink wine when I'm so tired and should go to bed?

My 7 year old son just said to me "I need a moment" WTF?

I'm a slave to social media.

Made cupcakes with the kids, and now having a Mersyndol for the headache.

Just went walking with a friend in the rain and the my shoes are on the clothesline and I'm eating a muffin.

What's your favourite??

Mama’s Losin’ It


Unknown said...

I am loving:
My 7 year old son just said to me "I need a moment" WTF?

Foursons said...

I was reading these and thinking, "Oh comment on that one!" And then I read the next one and thought, "Oh comment on THAT one!" And the vicious cycle continued until the very end. So I'll just say, that santa- he's a thrifty one.

Unknown said...

I like this:

Just went walking with a friend in the rain and the my shoes are on the clothesline and I'm eating a muffin.

I wanna do this too ... simple ... crazy ... things ...

Christy Franklin said...

...just vacuumed the shed...

not many people would say that, definitely unique! Funny post!

Shell said...

Oh, love these! The Grey's Anatomy one, especially!

Jessica said...

You are hilarious on Twitter. Perhaps I should start following you for a daily laugh. I would not have missed Grey's Anatomy, nothing can get me away from that show.

Ms. G said...

'shoes on the clothesline and eating a muffin'. Perfect ; )

Kate said...

Thanks for the laugh! My favourite two are about Santa claus's gift wrapping emergency and those crafty guinea fowl.

Good Company said...

LOL about the wild animals in the shower :) I was going to post on this topic until on a closer look I saw that Mama Kat said "tweet" not "treat". I was all ready to list all my favorite Easter candy. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Erin said...

It's so funny to read all the tweets and not have been in that convo so it's taken out of context! Hilarious!

Now I am off to figure out why I do not follow you on twitter....

Be A Fun Mum said...

BAHAHAHA! Funny! "I need a moment." CLASSIC!!

Mrs Catch said...

Checking you're on my twitter list! Now about that Nanny McPhee stick...