April 22, 2011

My good Good Friday

I found my Nirvana today (any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.)

You may remember from my recent posts how stressed and busy and rushed I have been feeling.

This week has been a little different.

No lunchboxes to prepare. No after school activities to rush to. I did work two 9 hour days at work but even so, I've felt...different.

We had the most amazing day today.

The Hubbster took the kids and I to the shooting range where he sighted his rifles in for the shoot on Sunday, whilst the kids and I sat in the shade of a big gum tree and took turns riding the quad bike through the good old Australian bush.

We ate mini muffins for morning tea and the weather was oh.so.perfect.

For lunch we drove into town and had fish and chips.

I dare not eat meat today (not only out of respect for Our Lord but because my mother who lives two days drive away would know as soon as I placed a morsel of steak in my mouth!)

We came home and watched an awesome kids dvd in the air conditioning.

My son and I then enjoyed a rollicking game of basketball and I think I may have beaten him but I can't be sure because he likes to make up his own rules as we play....

And it gets better!

I enjoyed a glass of wine while watching The Bold and the Beautiful.

I can't remember the last time I did this - I think it was at the beginning of Term 4 last year, which shows that my life has been crazy even since then.

4.30 pm was MY TIME. The kids knew to go and play for that 1/2 hour while I enjoyed one of my favourite shows......

I really miss this.

And I want it again.

We all played tennis while the sun went down, the girls against the boys, we lost a few balls over the fence and I think I may have been Man of the Match.

And the most special blissful moment in my good Good Friday, was cuddling Miss T(aged 6) to sleep after singing lullabies with the scent of her freshly washed hair invading my senses.....

I didn't get my walks this week. We spent three days in Bundaberg for the Eisteddfod and I worked two very full days....

But I did play basketball with my son and tennis with my family.

And I felt relaxed and .....different....

And hopeful and positive.

I weigh exactly the same as I did last week..so I have neither gained nor lost.

How was your week?


Jane said...

You are one lucky Farmer's Wifey finding Nirvana. There should be WAY more days like that.
I think I'd probably find it on the couch with a glass of wine at 4.30. (I am a B&B tragic- I don't get to watch it nearly as much as I'd like, and the last time I got to watch it while enjoying a glass of vino was.........um............maybe........before I kids?????????

PJ said...
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Tracy said...

What an amazing day! I love it! I hope you get to spend many more like that. Oh B&B, the good thing is it doesn't matter how long you stop watching it, the plot line is so slow moving it's not hard to catch up.

Annieb25 said...

I really, really, really enjoyed reading this post. I felt like I was there with your all enjoying such a wonderful day. These kinds are days are the absolute best. Happy Easter. Hope you have a lovely break & enjoy the rest of the school holidays. xx

Dreaming said...

You sound so free and happy in your post. I think you need to take the 'me' time every day!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post. Isn't it amazing that when we do have time to enjoy what is around us we seem to be healthier and happier and that in turn keeps us on track. I need to keep coming back to this post to remind me to just enjoy.
I hope your Nirvana stays around for a long, long time.