April 28, 2011

The Wifey does hats.

Today I want to talk about hats.

I love hats. It's not often you see me hatless. Maybe at work or in bed but mostly you will see me with something up there....

I love hats. I especially love them the week leading up to the hairdresser (ladies you know what I'm talking about!).

I wear them for sun safety and also for bad hair days.

Here's me with my favourite white hat, looking very arty. And pensive. I could have been thinking of a flowery meadow but I was probably thinking of dinner that night and the large pile of washing to be done.

Here's me with my Akubra and I think I look really good wearing it. I feel like I really am a Farmers Wifey in this.

And here is my favourite cap. I wear this alot. The Hubbster has a matching one that we had our wedding date embroidered on our honeymoon. Mine also reads "we tied" and his says "the knot".

Here's my wedding hat. Well it's kind of a hat. Actually it's a very long veil and a gorgeous tiara. But we'll call it a hat for the sake of this post. I'm also wearing a very handsome new husband.

I had a great photo of a drunken pink veiled hat that I wore on one of my hen's nights (I had two).

But as it's stored away somewhere I'll leave you with an embarrassing hair photo from the eighties where I actually should have been wearing a hat.


Maxabella said...

I love the eighties hair! But then, I think I like you in a hat even more. Hats are very 'country' - city folk don't really get them at all. And sensible. And cool. I think you look fab in your akubra, but you are lucky enough to suit any type of hat. x

Anonymous said...

I also love hats and love the pics awesome! Just really wish i looked good in them some people do ,some dont (im a dont look great) in hats girl:-( pitty they just dont suit me i only have 2 lol... love to look at hat shops all the time:-)

ClaireyHewitt said...

I dare you to get a perm like that again.

The 80s, big for everything! Hair, shoulder pads, lunches...

Dreaming said...

Love your hats. I think the white hat picture is stunning!
I rarely wore hats until I move to Colorado. Now it is windy and sunny. The hat is usually always tightly crammed on my head to keep my hair out of my eyes and shield my eyes from the sun.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Love your hats! I look terrible in hats and love them. While growing out my very very short hair I wore a baseball cap for almost 4 months. Whew.

You look great in them all and even in that 80's hair - we all had it!:-)

Good Company said...

You do look good in hats. Not everyone does. Since you like hats you may like this post/quote:


Kakka said...

Great hats, I love the one of you in the white hat especially. I on the other hand don't wear hats at all unless it is absolutely necessary.