May 7, 2011

Blogger Butts

It's been another busy week...I haven't blogged.

I've ran around. The usual stuff....

We played tennis again this week....we have a tennis court, which makes up for the crappy living arrangements...

Our tennis is improving every day, we can actually have a great game and we only lose one or two balls over the fence now.

I realised today, whilst trying on my cocktail dress that I need for Monday Night (I'll tell you about that on Tuesday!), that I really need to take this Blogger Butts Challenge seriously.

I have so many beautiful clothes and they just don't fit me. They feel tight in the wrong places...I just don't like it.

This is the dress I am talking about...This photo was taken during "the big gym binge of 2007/08", where for 6 months I hit the gym and lost so much weight and got so ridiculously fit, I looked amazing.

We then moved out of town, away from the gym and my good habits disappeared.

I am still looking for this motivation.

I hope I find it soon.......

I am wearing this dress on Monday night, and it feels tight around my chest and back. I remember how it felt when I was felt loose.

Bugger that.

I think I have found the photos to carry with me to remind myself that I.Can.Do.It.

And to also remind myself how good I felt.

How was YOUR week?


Cate said...

yeah yeah, I know you want to wear the dress...but you and I both know it's that smile that makes you special :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you looked fantastic when I met you in Sydney, but I know what you mean when you know you just don't feel your best. Hopefully you have found your motivation to keep on working at it.
Have a great night out tomorrow.