June 5, 2011

House Update

House Update House Update House Update.

Things are really moving forward now. And we just might have an ETA of Christmas!

Christmas lunch on the deck! How delightful!

So what's been happening. As The Hubbster is a sparkie, he has wired up our house. The lights, fans, powerpoints, night lights and all the rest have been cabled in.

The best news of all is we have ourselves a plumber! We are so excited because we wanted someone who understands our passion for what we are trying to achieve. And that is, a beautiful modern Queensland while keeping with the traditional facets of what a Queenslander style of home is.

Things like VJ wall panelling, chair and picture rails, polished floors, fanlights and breezeways, high ceilings, lourve windows with wonderful air flow and big wrap around verandahs.

Our plumber knows what we want, to work with copper fittings etc and the little touches and features that we love.

He will be fitting out our 3 bathrooms, our septic and drainage and downpipes, our hot water system and our gas, and connecting everything to where it should be.

We have decided to bite the bullet and get it all done, rather than work on one bathroom and leave the rest until later.

We want the same person doing it all. I feel really confident that we have a chance of moving in this year.

We are also just about to start sheeting out the interior and lining the verandah soffits, so we can do this alongside the plumber doing his thing. So no time is wasted.

I'm totally over living in this shed. I miss my things, I miss my slow cooker that I can't find, and I miss feeling "organised". I like things to have a place and at the moment, this is not to be.

I want to bake in my country kitchen.

I want to decorate with my vintage pieces, my cushions and quilts and books and photoframes.

We have so much packed away and are living very simply and cramped and I want to decorate my house and have some space.

Ahh space. I can almost taste it.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh how exciting - sounds like your home is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How excitiment!!!

Unknown said...

You must be so excited!


Amy said...

How exciting. I don't know how you guys are living in a shed. It would of done my head in by now.

Is the kitchen in the photo from Mcleods Daughters?? I used to love that show.

Farmers Wifey said...

@ PPMJ It is going to be beautiful, I simply cannot wait!

@ Michelle, I am so excited..It's been a long time coming x

@ Me "N My Monkeys, there has been times where I've thought, I'm going to be stuck here forever, in this neverending bad camping trip!

@ Amy yes it is, and I loved that show too....a country feel just like what I adore ♥

Kakka said...

Yeah, Christmas is not that far away. Hope it all goes to plan, I love the shots you have shared so far and can't wait for you and yours to be in there nice and warm and with all the comforts you deserve. xxx

Dreaming said...

I am there with you and I haven't been living in a shed! I am so anxious to move and get the mess over with. I'm tired of traveling back and forth. I'm tired of being tired!
Good luck. What's not to be excited about...seeing your dream turn into reality. I can't wait to see pictures around Christmas!

Foursons said...

Yay a house update! So glad you're seeing some serious progress- very exciting!

sevencherubs said...

Yeah! things are moving along. I cannot wait for all the pictures to come and so glad that you have someone you are happy to work with. Best of luck. N x

Mama Tee said...

This is fantastic news! I can't wait to follow your blog when you start decorating and organising your home!

Bubby Makes Three said...

hello! Following you from Digital Parents...... so jealous of your house building adventures, that is my DREAM!!!