July 24, 2011

The Money Pit update

It's all happening here at The Money Pit!

On Thursday I spoke to The Plasterer, The Gyprocker, The Plumber, The Electrician (well that's hubby *snort*) The Carpenter, and left a message for The Waterproofer!

Just to recap from my last House Update:-

In no particular order we have to:-

Talk again with our plasterer and get his recommendations for a carpenter
. Done! We have our carpenter who is positive and enthusiastic (and with lots of experience). He is going to be doing alot of work for us..he is here today starting on the wall noggins.

Ring the carpenter and organise a visit....he will be hanging our doors, putting up our vj wall panelling, and doing trims and architraves etc Done! He will also be checking in our shower bases, building our bath hob and lining the cupboards and walk in robes with floor to ceiling vj paneling.

Ring the plumber and see how much more work he needs to do before we sheet out inside. Done! He still has some work to do and will be here on and off over the next couple of weeks. He needs to water test all the work he has done before the interior is sheeted out.

On Tuesday, The Hubbster and I are doing a string line all through the house so we can begin putting noggins in, which are the pieces of timber that the gyprock will be attached to. Done! That was fun.

So the carpenter will do the vj wall panelling, the gyprock guy will put the walls and ceilings up and then the plasterer will come in and finish off. The gyprocker came out on Thursday and measured up so we can order the gyprock.

We are deciding on some nice ceiling roses and some fancy cornices, in keeping with the style of the house. Still deciding.

We also have to decide on which doors we are having, and buy them. We will be ordering our doors this week so the carpenter isn't delayed in his work.

Our tanks have to be purchased so the plumber can do that work. Still to be done.

And we have to find a tiler. I have one in mind, and I will contact him this week.

And a painter.
Still deciding.

This week we ordered our vanities for the bathrooms.

They are from the Arto Series and are gorgeous with china tops and glass doors. When we add the country style quarter turn taps the vanities will look amazing.

We have 3 sizes, a 600 for the guest bathroom, a 900 for the kids bathroom and a 1200 for our ensuite.

We have decided to go with Antique White china tops as apposed to coloured tops. We can then bring out the colour in the bathroom with the traditional Queensland bathroom colours by using the tiles on the wall and floors as features.

Kind of like these.....


Here are our Arto Series vanities.


brismod said...

You guys seem to be creeping closer every time I visit here. Busy times ahead!! xx

Dreaming said...

Holy cow, you have been busy!
I have never heard the term, 'noggins'. I just call it cross bracing. Noggins sounds so much cuter!
I bet it will be amazing to see walls!

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Beautiful - very exciting too!

Gae said...

This brings back so many memories of when we were building our home. It was a huge job as it is 65 squares (Ithink that is right) and we did just about everything ourselves.
Enjoy your chosing things. Thsi was the easiest part for me.

Unknown said...

oh we just finished renovating, its great at the end but hard work! good luck! my hubbys an electrician too!

John Going Gently said...

as someone who NEVER has any money
I am feeling anxious just reading this!!!

Anonymous said...

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