August 27, 2011

Blame the washing machine

Well, that was interesting.

Like the cheese on my toasted sandwich, I've had a meltdown in front of the sandwich press.

The events culminating in this cheesy mess began on Wednesday evening, when our washing machine, which has been on it's last legs for weeks actually decided that, no, it didn't want to wash, and no, it didn't particularly want to drain.

The Hubbster tried to fix it and after washing the same clothes 7 times, we came to the conclusion that, yes, it was stuffed.

It needs a new part so we've sent away for one, in the hopes that it will get us through until we move into The Money Pit and buy a new machine.

On Friday it started to rain, and as I was working and with no time to get to the laundromat, I was forced to once again, wear a pair of The Hubbsters jocks to work.

Besides the fact that they were not my colour, as well as the sad realisation that they fit quite well, I had the persistant urge to put my hand down my trousers and rearrange my private parts at regular intervals in the day.

The Hubbster, of course, thought this was hilarious. It was only funny until I had to wear another pair again today.

I've now been to Kmart and bought a new 10 pack of Rio cottons so I never have to publicly admit to wearing his.

That's okay, we're all friends here.

So I wanted to get an early start yesterday morning as I had a busy day at work planned. After our usual morning bathroom argument, Miss D (aged 10) and I decided to refer to each other lovingly as frenemies.

We got to school just before the bell rang, subsequently arriving at work late.

With still no clean clothes, and wearing my husbands undies, I got through the day, knowing that I had two episodes of Sex and the City to watch once the kids were in bed.

We woke early this morning to get Miss D to her 7.30am dance lesson. I took the other kids to the cafe for breakfast and they were behaving so well a man bought them chocolates.

We were all shocked.

Once in Bunnings, they did the usual thing and embarassed me, and the Mother of the Year judged me from her sanctimonious courtesy bench while her two angelic children played sweetly and watched mine climb where they shouldn't climb.

Along with a healthy dose of PMT (see yesterday's post) which fueled an argument in the car ride home (why can't you just BEHAVE), I found myself in front of the sandwich press, watching the melted cheese dripping on the floor.

After a good cry, and a toasted ham and cheese, I know that 1) the kids are not really out to get me 2) I really need some drugs to get me through my period and 3) it's the washine machine's fault.


Dream House Trish said...

Bwa ha ha, I thoroughly enjoyed your undies saga, sorry!!! I recently had my washing macine, freezer & microwave experience some bizarre electrical appliance virus, so I fully understand.Thank goodness we are married to sparkies!!
Wine is a fabulous soother for PMT!

Christy Franklin said...

I love you, in a non freaky way. If you lived closer, I'd insist we be friends. When things don't happen they way they should, I get cranky VERY quickly. I love that you wore your hubbsters undies. I actually have so many pairs, that it would take a year to run out. Thankfully.

Kakka said...

Hubster's jocks - that cracked me up and I was laughing with you, I promise. Hope your weekend improves, the sun shines and someone spoils you with brekkie in bed, or a foot massage or something. xxx

sevencherubs said...

Oh are doing a wonderful job and seriously how is a woman and mother supposed to function without a washing machine. Seriously - too hard basket. You are just delightful and I totally love that you made do and took on the hubby's jocks. You rock lady xx

Mum on the Run said...

Hee hee.
As soon as I started reading, all I could see was your previous post with the warning sign!
Never mind.
A good cry is therapeutic sometimes.
As is a good yell or tanty!
I should know. This Mummy also melted down this morning - with no period to blame.
I hope your washing machine is back on board soon.
It was the dryer for me this week - but that's not in the least bit necessary!
Love the thought of you wearing Hubby's jocks!
Have a great weekend.

Princess Kate said...

You know what, it would never, ever occur to me to wear someone else's underwear. You totally cracked me up with that, especially the bit about rearranging your manly bits.

Remember, this will be over soon. In the meantime, buy some more clothes, that's what I always do when all of mine are "in the wash".

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Trish, yes our husbands are great sparkies, and so handy when it comes to underwear borrowing...

@ Christy, I can't believe I had to BUY more undies, I mean I thought I had lots....I need to get myself down to Bras and Things and buy me some LINGERIE.....

@ Kakka, I'm so good now, a good cry is always so reassuring xox

@ Naomi, I think I need to tell the kids to cut out the 3 outfits a day crap!!

@ Mum on the Run, I hope you didn't melt the cheese during your tanty..xoxo

@ Dorothy, I had to wear his undies, I just had to!! And I love that YOU buy clothes when all are in the wash, I just did that too with my new 20 pack of knickers :)

BushBelles said...

NO washing machine = very bad times, I had that recently! Would love you to come on over and do my getting to know you questions! Bushbelles

Dreaming said...

Oh my, the stars must be in line... the wrong way! What a mess! I laughed at your wearing your hubbies underwear. A friend of mine did that when she was pregnant, as his larger sized pants were more comfortable. When she had a car accident and refused to let anyone undress her, they figured she had some sort of brain injury that made her react so unreasonably!

Unknown said...

Oh my, this is too funny!! (Though I am sure at the time it was anything but!)

Hope all has calmed down - and that you never have to face the thought of donning men's underwear again!

Christie-Childhood 101 said...

hehehe...sometimes to get through you jjust have to cry...or laugh insanely...or put on some loud music and dance like you're 15 again :) Hope today was a great day x

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

LOL!! There's nothing to say but thanks for sharing this, lol!!

Mrs M said...

Been there, well I didn't get to the stage of wearing hubby's undies. why is it the man of the house think they can fix everything in lieu of spending money? and why is it when it dies it takes so bloody long to get organised to find a replacement. Oh that's right it's because they don't do the washing!!!!!

Brenda said...

You funny girl.xx