September 16, 2011

Science 101

I've been thinking about yesterdays' coin experience, and thought it a good opportunity to learn and grow so I'm very proud to present:-

Farmers Wifey - a guide to science and anatomy or Money, you can't take it with you.

Kids, don't try this at home.

The facts are as follows:-

Problem - Miss T (aged 6) swallows a 10 cent coin at approximately 3.30pm Thursday.

Location - Monkey Bars at Auskick.

Reason - she was swinging with both hands and didn't have anywhere to put the money. So she put it in her mouth (wtf?)

After a good head throwback, down it went.

Mood - her - upset, crying, remorseful, afraid
- me - upset, worried, tired, bewildered

Reappearance of the coin - 1.30pm Friday...

Scientific facts are as follows :-

1) 22 hour digestive turnaround

2) Coin colour (when washed) now a metallic blue as per photo in bag (for obvious reasons)

Side affects - Nil except for a good dose of sheepishness, and a scolding and lots of hugs from Mum and Dad.


When a mother loses her marbles, where do they actually go?

Can ones hair go grey overnight?

Kids - do they leave home at 18?

Stress - fact or fallacy

So a good result all round. No Xrays needed. And a day off school for Miss T who said she watched 12 Barbie movies.

I didnt think we owned that many.

Until next time........


Mum on the Run said...

Ha ha ha.
I'm glad the coin finally, um, made it's appearance.
Have a number of scientific type questions - but won't go there out of respect for your poor daughter!
P.S. Will that 10c be spent?

Dreaming said...

Love the title, "...can't take it with you"!
How true!
Glad it all came out OK (ewwww!!)

Farmers Wifey said...

PM me any questions......just in case it ever happens to you :)

Oh and the coin in question is in a plastic bag which no doubt I'll keep...

Princess Kate said...

LOL! And yuk! I'm glad the story had a happy ending..

The Farmer's Wife said...

When your first child swallows a coin you freak out when they swallow a coin and rush them to emergency.

With your second child, you get angry that they could be so silly and send them to their room to think about it.

With your third child you ground them for a week for stealing and take it out of their pocket money. LOL.

Glad to hear it all went well.
PS: I swallowed a 'sinker' (as in a fishing sinker) as a small child, and to my knowledge it is yet to reappear...

ess/ The Farmer Has A Wife

Norlin said...

Glad the coin finally made its entrance! :) Rather exit!

Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me said...

Laughing and ewwww-ing at the same time.

Kirsty said...

Well thats an experience!!! I'm totally laughing at this! I even read it out to hubby!

Foursons said...

Ha! Good times, good times. And totally something you can use to embarrass her later. You know- to pay for your pain and suffering now.