November 13, 2011

My Three Little Birds: Part 3

Miss D

My first little bird arrived after 25 hours of labour.

And she was worth every push and groan and frustrated cry that came from me.

I had wanted a baby for as long as I can remember. Actually I can tell you that I was in highschool when I first thought about what my child would be like.

I always thought my first baby would be a girl and I was right (actually I knew what they all were in my heart without finding out the sex).

I just knew.

I wondered would she have long hair as I did when I was a child, and what colour would her eyes be?

Would she look like me? And would she share her love of dancing as I had?

I wrote this for her:-

"My darling, you made me a mother.

I dreamed of you and wanted you for so long...I knew you were somewhere waiting to come to are everything I yearned for and the minute you were put in my arms and I looked at your face, I knew you.

I really knew you...It was almost as if we'd met before...all these years I had waited to have a child, and as I looked at your beautiful face, I knew there and then that I would give my life for you."

She is so much like me, my husband often comments (when her and I are arguing - and yes we do!) that "Wow Michelle, it's like looking in a mirror......")

It scares me how much she is like me, her personality and the way she thinks things through, that is why I think sometimes we clash.....

I'm basically fighting with myself!

My mirror twin!

She is such a good little girl, so helpful and kind and caring.

My little doll. A beautiful, smart and talented little bird..

She loves fashion. I love taking her shopping, just the two of us, and we love trying on clothes, and jewellery and doing girlie stuff ♥

We have another date soon to watch the new Twilight movie. I think she wants me to wear a Team Jacob tshirt.

For her, I'd do anything....

I also think she's smarter than me. Already. No seriously...

And she can sing and dance and act and hopefully she'll become famous and I can finally have my overseas holiday I'm craving...

The final word must go to The Hubbster who said to Miss D recently " You will make a very fine lawyer one day because you're very good at arguing"...



Mum on the Run said...

She's just beautiful.
As are your words.
It's scary and awesome to see yourself being projected right back at you, isn't it?

Although, my Magoo's super stubborn streak is just baffling. Ha ha.


Farmers Wifey said...

Ha I know what you mean, I just don't know where she gets her diva attitude from hehehe

LisaW said...

WOW! She could be you as a young girl! What is it with girls and their ability to argue? lol. Thank you for introducing your babies to us.

Kirsty said...

She look so much like you Michelle!! I think all girls are born to argue! My girls are great at it already and are only 2 and 3!

Farmers Wifey said...

Let's just say they are very assertive.....and will go far in life ♥♥

Kellie said...

LOL I say the same about my girl! She's so passionate, which is my nice way of saying she's argumentative hehe :)

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Aw that is so beautiful Michelle :) What a wonderful mummy you are! And yes, I concur with the others, she looks like you!!

Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots said...

I love what you wrote for your daughter! Beautiful! She sounds like an amazing girl

River said...

I knew what my children were before they were born too, even my first grandchild! everyone was expecting a boy there and I said they're going to be very surprised when that little girl pops out...and they were.

My first isn't much like me at all, she's my mother. Strong willed and knows what she wants, then goes and gets it!

Norlin said...

Ahhh...first borns...they do take a long time to come out don't they? Mine took just as long I think. Your Miss D is gorgeous, love those eyes! I've always wanted a girl as a first born and was glad mine came out a girl too.:)

Susie Rentals said...

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