December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas lovelies!

We have had a quite, stressfree Christmas, and it's been wonderful just to relax.

The kids have been swimming, we have slept in every day and we went to the Picnic Races today and we had an awesome time!

The only thing I forgot to buy during my Christmas Eve shop was toilet paper.

So we found the emergency stash!

And the most amazing present I received was a black and white photo from Tupelo, Mississippi where my idol Elvis Presley was darling Father in Law brought it back from his recent holiday and had it framed for me.

It means more to me than he will ever know....


5webs said...

We also had a lovely Christmas--our first in Australia ! And we still have six rolls of toilet paper left--HA!

angela said...

happy to hear you had a great chrissy, Looooove the dunny paper!! hahaha

Mum on the Run said...

Sounds like a perfect Chrissy.
Love the loo paper - but I wouldn't want to encourage certain males around here to spend any more time in the toilet!!

Have a beautiful end to the year.
Next year's a biiiig one around your parts!!
:-) x

River said...

Love the toilet paper! You could use it as a table runner too, keep the kids occupied while you cook dinner or something.
Incidentally, toilet paper is something I never, ever forget to buy. You should see my stash. When the kids were little their friends would invite other friends in just so see the size of the paper stack!
I hate running out you see....

Dreaming said...

Well, the only problem with the TP is that your guests will be delayed in trying to solve the puzzle before they finish their business!
I'm glad you had a relaxed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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