June 4, 2012

Dream Shopping

Today we did a bit of dream shopping!

Off we went to our local furniture, bedding and homeware stores and started to think about what we will need for our new house.

We have alot of lovely timber furniture already, but the children will be getting new beds, we need a sofa or two for the theatre room and and some hall runners for the polished floors won't go astray.
I can't wait to unpack my "things"....remember people, it's been 4 years since I lovingly wrapped and packed away my precious photos, and linen and memories of our house and life in the suburbs.

It's nearly time to rediscover what is in these boxes because, to be honest, I can't really remember.
Oh what fun this will be!

I am loving this green...my favourite colour!

Struggling a bit with html and spacing tonight....please forgive me x


Unknown said...

How exciting Michelle!

Norlin said...

I love that arm chair! The different prints and colours will definitely brighten up any room. Oh how I wish I was furniture shopping. Although, with us, it always ends up with me giving up because Mr. C is so adamant on getting what he wants. :s

Farmers Wifey said...

Imagine having an open cheque book! Oh how I'd love that!!!!! We may not have any money left to spend on anything anyway lol!

Oscar Taveras said...

I can only add that the home decorating shop deserves its name- a source of inspiration, colours and vintage looking furniture. It reminded me that it is high time to make some design changes.

TheThingsIdTellYou said...

We're doing a bit of dream shopping of our own. :) Now that the boys are a little older, it's time to start surrounding myself with things that make me feel happy. I packed those things in our home more than 10 years ago (when Mum got sick and we moved to take care of her) and gave a lot away. Then we had Alexander, then Sam.... It's time.

Have fun. I cannot WAIT to see your home all finished, and you blissfully living in it.

Farmers Wifey said...

Yes it's time to do something lovely for yourself...and of course for your family! Dream shopping all the way xoxo

katepickle said...

Four years!
You give me strength... I've been dreaming about furniture for when our renos are finished since before we even began... and we might just finish within four years... maybe!

River said...

I love the items in the second and third photos and I almost drooled over those red sofas.
How exciting to be planning new furniture!