June 22, 2012

What Inspires You?

I am so happy to have Rachel guest posting in my series What Inspires You?  I love what she writes and she certainly inspires me to be a better mother.  Enjoy!

My name is Rachel and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to write a post about inspiration for Farmers Wifey.

I am so predictable in my inspiration. I am inspired by my girls, 6 & 8. They truly make me want to be the best person I can be, so I can be the best mother, example and teacher for them.

I am not a natural mother. I wasn't one of those people that couldn't wait to be a mum. I even thought for a long time that I wouldn't have children. It took a miscarriage to make me realise that maybe I do want children. I was so sad after losing a baby I wasn't sure I wanted and it ignited something within me.

As a mother I am very flawed, I am impatient, demanding, bossy and uncompromising but I have a bottomless well of love and laughter, I am consistent, stable and have always prioritise my role as their mum as my number one.  They make me completely step out of my comfort zone because I want to show them that we are never too old, or shy or self conscience to try new things. I want them not to be scared of failure, just to happy to have tried. I never want them to think 'I can't' or 'I'm too shy, or nervous or not good enough'.

I must be doing something right because my girls are so smart, well mannered and really funny. I like to think they got that from me, but my husband is pretty funny too.

My girls inspire me want to be the best version of me, so I can help them be the best version of them.


Rachel Wernicke is a 39 year-old married mother of two girls.  After working as a paralegal in Brisbane for 14 years, she left life in the big city to focus on her family. Once the kids were both in school, it was time get back to work. In a four-person house with five computers, two iPads, two iPhones, two iPod touches and half a dozen cameras there seemed only one direction to go. Rachel decided to learn more about the the world of blogging and indulge her passions for style and life on the Redcliffe Peninsula.  In October 2011, she started Redcliffe Style as a place to write about and photograph the things she enjoyed.  RedcliffeStyle.com is a light-hearted blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food.  The Facebook page can be found 


Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

My kids inspire me too - to laugh, to enjoy the small things, to be creative, to use my imagination :)

Unknown said...

My kids have given me the drive to step out of my comfort zone as well. I couldn't agree more with Rachel's last sentence.

Unknown said...

So beautifully said Rachel! xx

Unknown said...

Lovely post. My boys inspire me too, they bring out the best in me, but also drive me bonkers at times! Ahh.. kids.

Redcliffe Style said...

Thank you for letting me sharing my inspirations and also for your comments. Rachel xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiment.

Unknown said...

Another winner.

Love these posts - keep 'em coming!


(ps: I moved blogs. Exhausted, but happy. I hope to see you there!)

Mimsie said...

I so enjoyed this post...thanks Rachel. Something that inspires me is reading the wonderful blogs of so many clever people. I have my own blog but it is very simple as I am too old now to go out and do exciting things and I have difficulty in even getting a photo on there but I keep trying and when I read blogs like yours or Rachel's I feel I will keep going albet it in a simpler style.