October 14, 2012

House Update

I have myself a present. 

A new Glem oven.  Still in the box.  Still in the shed.

I'm terribly excited about this.  The plumber installs it on Wednesday.  It will be so shiny and new.  I won't want to use it.

Oh yes I will!

We have been installing the stainless steel wire around the verandah and we thought we would have this done in time for the final inspection this week.  Until we discovered that one section had been cut too long, so those pieces go back this week to be rectified and the inspection has been put back.

These last few weeks are the hardest!  I can hardly stand it.  We have been having showers up in the house and I even had to search the storage donga to find something to unpack!!

We have a tonne of cleaning to be done before we move in.  There is a fine layer of red dust from the floors, just everywhere!  There are a million! windows to clean, plenty of window sills and three bathrooms to spruce up!

But you know?  I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!


Mimsie said...

Oh yes, enjoy it you will and your new oven too and everything else about your wonderful new home. How fantastic it is all going to be and you deserve the best as you have worked so hard to have it. xxx

Farmers Wifey said...

thank you my friend xxxxxx

River said...

I can just imagine the enjoyment! Every time you cook something you'll get a happy glow, every time you clean something, ditto, even just looking around at those lovely surroundings as you unpack and arrange. It's going to be fabulous.

Norlin said...

You definitely will, especially since you KNOW you'll be living in there so very very very soon! If not already?

Farmers Wifey said...

Yes girls, I'll even love the cleaning!!

jac@CommonChaosChronicle said...

These are by far my favourite posts. I must be such a sticky beak as I hang out for your house updates. Can I move in too??? Hahahaha