December 29, 2012

Mega Christmas Roundup!


Merry Christmas Lovelies!

What a wonderful time of year this has been.  I hope you have had some relaxation, some reflection and some thoughts to the future, as I have done so.

It's always such a rush during the week or so leading up to The Day. Last minute gifts, Christmas parties, the buying of The Ham, and having the kids home from school can certainly raise the stress levels!

But we all do it, because we love it!

And I even have to plan for two birthdays during Christmas week - two of my children have their special day 2 days either side of Christmas Day, so you can imagine what this Farmers Wifey has to do to stay organised!

It's not only a special day for them, but a celebration for me, remembering the most amazing time of my life, when my babies were born.  I usually feel quite emotional and reflective during this week, and as much as it is busy and stressful and tiring, I wouldn't change it...I just love it!

We spent Christmas Day at our new house.  I refused to go anywhere as I've waited for over four years to have The Day here.  It was grand!  So very relaxing, with the kids swimming, and enjoying their new gifts, while I actually went back to bed at 2pm, after cooking a delicious lunch that was enjoyed by all!

I went back to bed, and I got right in! I snuggled underneath the cool sheet under the fan and had an afternoon siesta. With nowhere to be, and nothing to do, it was bliss!

And I set the table on Christmas Eve, and I must say it looked beautiful!

Boxing Day saw us at the beach, where the kids threw sand at me and I scowled at them because I just don't like sand in my hair!  So much beach and so much sand and they have to play  When they are in the water it's a different matter, however, as I expect them to stay in my line of sight!

We also welcomed 13 brand new guinea babies on Christmas Day.  The best.present.ever.

Well I'll check in on you later.  I'm off to make some new years resolutions that I will break.  As you do!


Dream House Trish said...

Congrats on christmas in your beautiful new home, it must have felt AMAZEBALLS!!!!
Looking forward to your new years post!!!

fromsophiesview said...

Happy all of you! Such fortunate people you are...sun, warm breezes,beaches and sand in the! Sophie Doodle would be digging holes exactly beside you, Michelle...because she loves you so we say here digging all the way to China...I suspect you would say..all the way to Canada! All the best in 2013 and have a grand snooze every now again...siestas are the best!

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Trish, it is amazing!! How's things going for you??

@ Sophie, I love you too Sophie, my most favourite girl!! And to your dads, Happy New Year from across the glad to have you guys in my life ! xo

Mimsie said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas celebration and how wonderful it must have been to spend the big day in your new home.
I have resolved not to make NY resolutions this year but have some ideas in mind that I'd like to achieve in 2013. Same thing? I guess so.
Happy New Year to you and your delightful family. See you again next year. xx

Farmers Wifey said...

Happy New Year my dear friend Mimsie, I hope you achieve all that you wish for...I am so glad to have you in my life....albeit an online one xo

jeanie said...

Happy new year now, FW - I hope that 2013 is an amazing year for all of my friends, online and irl.

Kakka said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Farmer's Wifey, wishing you and the family lots of love, laughter and happiness (and especially better health for your boy).

I just love your new house, it was so worth the wait and I don't blame you for wanting The Day at home this year. xxx

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

What a lovely Christmas!