January 11, 2013


The kids were lucky enough to be given a new trampoline for Christmas.

Santa, you rock!

We found the perfect spot for it right next to the pool and so far the rule of "one at a time only" hasn't been broken. Or so I'm told!

They decided to take some Iphone snaps and experiment with some black and white filter settings.

I really love these photos, they are not the perfect work of a professional photographer, and the light and shade may not be quite right, but they show one moment captured in clarity for me.

My children are happy and healthy.  They can run and dance and fight and laugh and cry. 

They have the world at their feet.

So they Jump.


Hidden Haven Homestead said...

Awww, to be young again.

Farmers Wifey said...

And fit! It's hard work that's for sure xo

Marissa said...

Aww I remember those day's all to well seems like yesterday we were jumping on a trampoline and the next day we are paying bills how did that happen?... life is way to short wish we could just hold on to time! Pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kids and tramps - awesome fun. Love the photos - very artistic!!!

Farmers Wifey said...

Doesn't life go way too fast. I think as I get older the time goes quicker!

I love the photos from a child's perspective x

Anonymous said...

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