April 27, 2013

My April

Fun park + Easter + Harbour Festival + School Holidays + Eisteddfod + Dance Festival + Work + Kangaroos + New Life + Sunshine + Farm Days + Tears + Tiredness + Sports + Home + ANZAC.




Dreaming said...

What a fun way to do a post!
I am in love with the chicks. So cute!
A pool? In your backyard - how wonderful!

Mimsie said...

What wonderful pictures and thank you so much for sharing....such a diversity telling lots of stories and great to 'see' you again. : )

Norlin said...

Wow!! You have a kangaroo right in your backyard. That's just...out of this world for a suburbanite like me. :)

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Dreaming, I can send you some babies if you want hehe :)

@ Mimsie, so good to be back "online" xo

@ Norlin, we have little pretty faced wallabies all the time! Right up near the house xo

Dream House Trish said...

Busy busy busy, having fun at the same time, love your pics!!

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Trish, thanks lovely! Hope things are good for you x