July 1, 2013


Age.  A delicate topic in some circles I'd imagine.

And something to be embraced in others.

A few things have happened this week to make me want to write about age, my age specifically, and what it really means.

How old are you?

Are you in your twenties, or your mid thirties, or your fifties?

Or older?  I have some readers who are indeed older, like my dear friend Mimsie, who writes so beautifully, I'm enchanted every time I read.

A blogging friend, let's just call her the Divine Miss N, was recently turning 40, and she didn't quite know how to feel about reaching this milestone. This reminded me of when I turned 40, and refused to accept a party, or to even acknowledge my special day.

I still felt young, and I wasn't ready to reach the big 4 0, so maybe if I forgot about it, I'd wake up and still be 25, and my body would be the same! It took me months to come to terms with knowing that I wasn't going to be young forever and to just embrace it....which I did.

I've recently turned 46 and probably on the downhill slide to 50, but let's not go there.  Not yet. 

Yesterday, my daughter commented on the silvery lines across my belly, to which I replied "yes, I'm not surprised after carrying a small human inside my body....three times over".

Was it worth it? Absolutely every time.

And as the optometrist prescribed progressive lenses during my appointment yesterday (to cover my long distance eyeball defect AS WELL AS my old age can't read anything up close issue) I thought I'd done well to get to this age without needing them.

Age is just a number.  It doesn't matter what it says.  It's how you feel, and how you throw your arms around life and what it gives you.  We all have our milestones and goals to achieve, and if the best thing I've done in my life is become a mother to three beautiful and creative children, well, I'm content.

And more so when I get my glasses as I'll then be able to see!  Happy Days!


angela said...

I could of written this post. I too did not want a party for my big 40. And I am now 46 too! I have to have long distance and short sighted glasses and yes my body shows the scares of bearing children. But I now know that many people do not get to be old, so I am thankful I am still here, and revel in my older years. Knowing I don't have the struggles I did when younger and content with my life I don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone any more.

Mrs M said...

I mentioned to a work colleague last night about a job I used to have 'about fifteen years ago' I said. And then I followed with 'I don't feel old enough to have had another job 15 years ago, I'm not really that old am I?' I still feel young and then am reminded that I'm pretty much middle aged. When did that happen.

Mimsie said...

Oh my goodness....I am just so flattered by your comments and thank you. In comparison with many other bloggers, my blogs are very mundane but I enjoy doing them and am always content when others enjoy them too.
As you know I am now 81 so birthdays to me are just huge bonuses so no complaints. Even the family has sort of given up celebrating them in a big way as they sort of take me for granted. Unfortunately everything must come to end, as one day it will, but hopefully not all that soon.
I am riddled with osteo arthritis and yet when sitting in a comfy chair enjoying a cup of tea that Phil has just made for me (and perhaps a nice piece of fruit cake) I still feel about 35 years old. It's when I get up that the true story is told!! I am also a type 2 diabetic and have the odd problem with my blood pressure but I intend to keep on keeping on while I can.
My main advice to those younger: keep your mind active, care about others as well as yourself and live for tomorrow. Enjoy happy memories from past years but put bad things behind you as they can't be undone and are but water under the bridge of life.
You yourself are so positive that I can see many, many more happy years ahead for you. xx

River said...

I'll be 61 next month, but on the inside I'm still 37.

Lou Lou said...

Well guess what? I'm about to go to bed and when I wake up it will be my 38th birthday! I am totally cool with that, especially since the hubby is making me pancakes with lemon and sugar.

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Angela yes we are at a good age, I'm glad you are content xo

@ Mandy, I agree, I still feel young, and not at all my age, I don't know where the years have gone! xo

@ Mimsie, you are more than welcome, I think your blog is wonderful, you write so beautifully, and honestly, and that brings me back xo

@ River, I feel the same, on the inside it doesn't equal what I actually am lol xo

@ Lou Lou, oh happy birthday you! I hope the pancakes tasted delicious xo

Norlin said...

After jumping through that hurdle known as my birthday...(no not 40 yet but getting really close now), I found that yes, age is but a number. Felt strangely calm as I realised I'm not alone in feeling apprehensive at reaching my late 30's. And I know next year I'll feel anxious again and then the year after when I finally turn 40. But then it'll be alright. I just know it. xx